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ALLexALLex Member
edited February 2020 in Types of Snuff
Will a homemade snuff from Mapacho Nicotina Rustica Tobacco from the Amazon forest be stronger than Toque Rustica? 

From pics and threads on other sites they claim that mapacho is super strong and dark brown tobacco. 


  • mapachos-tabaco-natural-D_NQ_NP_831507-MPE26848466536_022018-F
  • I guess it can be. Herbs generally tend to offer more alkaloid goodness when cultivated in full heat. How you gonna grind it?
    Im also planning on making strong rustica snuff this summer
  • ALLexALLex Member
    edited February 2020 PM
    @Johano I havent ordered the mapacho yet. Those are pics i found from google.
    I'm gonna grind it in a coffee grinder first and then maybe with pestle and mortar for a finer grind. 
    I want to make an extra fine grind and a coarse one.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited February 2020 PM
    Rustica varieties differ in nicotine content greatly. There are weaker and super potent ones. I have little experience with Toque Rustica, went through 10 g I got in trade and it didn't do much to me. I loved the smell and taste, tho. It came from the batch which Toque had in stock a year ago. I found it weaker than any medium strength snuff. I wonder if Roderick treats it with alkalizer at all. Seems like a low pH stuff.

    Rustica needs to be alkalized, just like the regular Nicotiana Tabacum. 10-13% of added alkalizer makes all the nicotine rustica contains freebased. And it's not an overkill, just very, very satisfying. Talking about Makla and Madras (I suppose "country tobacco", listed among the ingredients on one of the Madras label, stands for rustica).

    Please tell us more, if you order it.
  • Make sure you alkalise it and be very careful.  Aim for a PH of 8.5 - 10 testing as you go.  Each batch varies a lot.  It is not like regular cultivated tobacco with easily identified strains.  

    I always say, if you are a regular snuffer, the first couple of pinches appear to have a kick but it lulls you into a false sense that you're fine with it until suddenly your head is spinning.
  • @Roderick Thank you for the pro tips and all that info! I really like your Rustica I have a 100g jar and I'm gonna order some more for sure!
    Always happy with your Toque products!
  • Like here you can get a type of Amazonian rustica, it looks similar to the photo above:

    I think Toque Quit has nicotiana rustica.  It's all right to clear my sinuses.  I don't notice a burn just a slight kick
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited July 2020 PM

    Country of origin not specified, but worth giving a go, if you are interested in trying different rusticas.
  • ALLexALLex Member
    @volunge does ship to europe? 
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited July 2020 PM

    Just make sure you are allowed to import raw tobacco. Customs might charge you tax. It's about 60 Eur per 1 kg of whole leaf in my country.

    Great selection there. They even have true Perique:
  • This guy sells mapacho rolls that come from the amazon
    Also has indigenous style snuffs and kiripes he is based out of miami
  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    Cool stuff!
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