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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

I believe this is a new snuff accessory website featuring the old Rococo snuff boxes, and new models

I searched for the website name using the snuffhouse search feature, and also google, but found nothing posted about it here, so I am letting all of you know that it exists.

The business is located in China, but they do accept PayPal, which I should think adds a level of security and confidence with regard to sending money overseas.

I have not yet ordered anything from this website, as I have only recently discovered it. I sincerely hope that Im not posting anything useless by mentioning it to you all.

If anyone has placed an order with them, or has any other information, please inform us all of your experience in dealing with this business. Thank you.


  • I have been looking for one of the rococo boxes for a long time.  I think i'll see about ordering the red Two ways to play one.

    Thanks for the heads up floyd

  • Fantastic, I was concerned I would be posting about something everybody already knew about. Let us know what happens.

    I would also like to place an order, since you can never have too many snuff boxes, I says, and plastic wont last forever.
  • One member of Nasal snuff takers fb group has recently got a bunch of stuff from this store. All swell, store is legit. The only drawback is high shipping fee; consider ordering more to make the buy cost-effective. Or organising a group buy.
  • Good to know that 'cause i just ordered a red rococo box.
    Shipping fee is ridiculous high..the box itself was under $2 but the shipping fee was $18!
  • edited February 2020 PM
     Just got the rococo box today in the mail. Quick shipping, no hassles, and a great product.  Would reccommend this place to anyone.

    2 days shipping from shanghai ( i think) to california....very nice

  • edited March 2020 PM
    @volunge Thanks for letting us know about the shipping, and the Facebook group.

    @captainblackboogers Im glad I could be of assistance, and thank you for letting us know you received it so quickly. Was it the smaller, square size? I once thought the rectangular plastic rococo boxes were way too big, but now Im used to them. They seem perfect, but the extra pockett space would be nice for carrying more snuff boxes. Do they hold enough?
  • edited March 2020 PM
    Holds enough for a day or more. Just about perfect size for me.
  • I recognise the box !
  • haha

  • They threw in a snuff spoon and snuff Miller's snuffbox on my order. I am happy with my purchase.
  • This box is my favorite.  I lost it the other day and really missed having it around.  Luckily i found it under my bed today. 
       My fancy antique cowbone boxes and my shnupfdosn don't even compare...this box has a better feel and
    is just about perfect. I love it.

       Thinking of getting another one as a backup. If i ever lose this rococo i will order another immediately, for sure.
  • @Captainblackboogers, are these shipped from China, or this seller has a warehouse in the USA? You got yours surprisingly fast!
  • Shipped from China
  • @captainblackboogers

    I completely forgot that I had asked you a question, thanks so much for the photo, and a quick reply. The box looks like a great size for about a day worth of snuff to me, as well. I will have to order some soon, and some of the others, too.
  • I got my aluminum schnupfdoesli knockoff about a week ago -- not a huge fan of it so far, which is a real bummer considering the shipping and import fees I paid! The chamber is much larger than I expected, so unless you're gonna keep it full (and risk a bunch of dried out snuff), it can be tricky to get the snuff to actually find the exit holes. I think the design favours a German style oiled snuff, particularly schmalzler. Will have to give it another shake once I get around to ordering some bulk Poschl stuff. 

    I should note also that the quality of machining is not the highest, but for the price (pre-shipping and import fees at least...) I can't complain. There's enough wiggle between the two components to allow a fair bit of snuff to mess up the threads. This hasn't actually resulted in any difficulty screwing/unscrewing, but with a schmalzler I can see how it would end up gumming the threads up. There are also some tiny rough flecks sticking off the threads themselves in places, which I could see eventually making their way into the snuff, maybe? Lastly the edges of the device are pretty sharp, not so comfy in the hand. This stuff is all par for the inexpensively Chinese-made course, but I figure I should note them. 

    However, they also sent me a red windmill box almost like the one Captainblackboogers posted, but with the dimensions of the green Rococo one. This thing is brilliant! They don't seem to list it on their site, and I'm not into the bright green, so I'll probably get some more of the smaller size at some point. Hoping the bigger one appears though!
  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    @insufflemus I am wondering which one you are referring to. The ones that I thought would be the schnupfdoesl type appear to be made out of wood (or painted aluminum?) and appear to have just one hole. I am asking because I am intrigued by them and thinking about picking one up.
  • @Mr_O, I can't link to the product right now because the website won't load, but the one I'm referring to looks like one of the following: . I have no experience with the little snuff-elevator style gadgets, if that's what you're thinking of. Let us know how it works out if you end up grabbing one!
  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    @Insufflemus ok thanks! Yeah I was confusing those two. I will, for sure, if I do!
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