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Longest lasting scents

Lately I have noticed that I have been enjoying snuffs with longer lasting scents the most, ones that really stay in the nose.  What are some I need to include in my next order?


  • Green dragon
    Elmos reserve
    Black rappee and similia
    Jaxons golden roast
    Bernard F
    Some bernard schmalzlers
  • A lot of the Fribourg and Treyer offerings last a long time, if you like the scents. They can be very heady and or perfumey, though, in general. Not all of them, but a lot of them.
  • Toque Violet
    I find this is one of the longest lasting scents I have found!
  • 6P Mysore Sandalwood, Super Kailash.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited February 2020 PM
    Dholakia Taj, Kamal, Ganga
    Jaxons Frosted Red (Jaxons are available at
    McChrystal's Mulled Magic (Clove)
    F&T Bordeaux
    6 Photo Super Chetak
  • 6 Photo:Anarkali,Motia,Kailash,Special.
  • I find the Toque-Berwick Brown scent tends to linger a while. 
  • I'm finding a new snuff to me Otto Chancellor has some staying power and is good sp. Tho I haven't kept out of nose for more then ten minutes since I got it!
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