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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

How to carry snuff for a pinch?

I just can't figure a way to hold my snuff when out and about. I know about bullets and vials but the thing is I like pinching my snuff. Snuff boxes don't seem to exist at least something I would want. Don't trust pill boxes, had one long time ago that would open in my pocket.

I'm thinking of getting those little baggies off Amazon. Maybe my fingers fit in a 3x4 baggy. I'm use a marker to write which snuff is in it. Wish they had 3x4 bags with designs so I can designate a design for each snuff instead of writing.

Anyone got any other ideas? I was thinking vials but it seem clunky to pour snuff out on hand then try to pinch that. Wish there was better snuff boxes. I been using the smaller toque tins and that seem to work but a lot of space taken up in pocket. Thanks for ideas in advance!


  • volungevolunge Member
    edited February 2020 PM
    Vials are pretty convenient for loading boxcar. As well as any re-usable tap box - some are not glued, like SG/Bernard 10 g ones, and it's easy to open them to take a pinch from. They keep moisture good for a week or so, even carried in a pocket.

    I pinch from hand often, especially those drier medium / medium-fine snuffs. I use snuff spoon only for taking "a pinch" (actually, series of pinches for one take) out from the tin and pouring it on my palm. I never sniff directly from a spoon. Baggies (zip-lock type) are good, but they seal poorly, be careful. I would carry one only in a dedicated pocket or a wallet (if I used one).
  •  you may like these. They cheap and easy to pinch from.
  • or check out the boxes here.  I just got a sweet little red rococo box that slides open on the side as a tap box or on the top as a pinch box (pinch box? is that right?) but they sell regular little plastic boxes.  The shop is in china and the shipping price is ridiculous box was like $2 but the shipping cost was $18.  I think it was worth it, my box s my daily now.

  • Awesome guys! Just what I was looking for.
  • Glad i could help buddy!
  • My first order, I bought a lot of McChystal 3.5 g tins. Once they were emptied, I just rinse them out, fill them with enough snuff for the day and pinch directly from them. I keep 2 or 3 in my pocket through the day. They have never emptied in my pocket, and they are clearly labeled as a tobacco product to make it clear to anyone that would happen to search my pockets that it is nothing more devious than tobacco.
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