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Toque Versus Coronavirus

Am I completely mad or is there something in this statement? 

As a snuffer I haven't had a cold or worse Man Flu for years and I often read on here the same from you guys. 

I know there are many learned articles on the anti-bacterial qualities of tobacco but very little on snuff.  I recently read about cigarette smoke being used to treat TB with patients being cured spending 100 hours in smoke filled rooms. Can't see that one working out.  But today nicotine is being used again to treat TB with astounding results.  We've all read the bad and the good about tobacco and maybe now is a good time to pool our knowledge.

Could a nose full of snuff prevent or dilute the effects of Coronavirus?


  • volungevolunge Member
    edited February 2020 PM
    We would certainly love to hear experts opinion!

    @Roderick, please address this question to WHO:

    WHO Regional Office for Europe
    UN City
    Marmorvej 51
    DK-2100 Copenhagen
    Tel.: +45 45 33 70 00
    Fax: +45 45 33 70 01

    Or shoot them an e-mail, using the "Contact us" form here:
  • Yeah, soo Im taking my Toque Antiseptic, few medicated.. Packing my nose full and heading far east to test this theory. Wish me luck
  • I was wondering if the hand to nose action would increase the risk, probably not as long as your overall hygiene standards are ok, clean hands etc. Could definitely be something in the stimulation of the nose, need to blow regularly etc that could flush the nasties out. I sure hope so.If you believe the news I need to shave my beard as it's incompatible with face masks. Sod that. You know you are a snuffer when seeing that fake story about beards immediately makes you think of toque Crazy George
  • Anecdotally i am convinced snuff has kept away numerous cold and viral infections, i work in a busy child-filled public library---since i started snuff a few years back [and mostly stopped pipe-smoking] i almost never get colds etc even when everyone else is sick....
  • And more than anecdotally when i was smoking a lot i had a constant runny nose. For lent i am giving up smoking decisively--when i realty want a pipe i will read the charming and wistful last chapter of J M Barrie's "My Lady Nicotine" instead. My snuffs are pretty "bad-ass" mostly Toque tnt w.  1/5 french carotte and usa whiskey and honey ...Roderick's not paying me for the plug :)    I have menthols still but don't tend to use them much--any of you other snuffers find them even more effective than non-menthols for the grippe?
  • ChapmanChapman Member
    edited February 2020 PM
    I am another snuff advocate for keeping the germs at bay. Obviously I have no scientific evidence, but since I started snuffing, I have not been sick once. Not one time. I used to catch a cold every single year at the change of seasons, and now it has been 2 years since I have been sick.
  • @marco when I use menthols my nose runs a lot giving the impression to colleagues that I have a cold or hay fever etc. I get away with shovelling a lot of non menthol up there without the same issue. Tend to enjoy menthols at home when I can deal with the forward drip. Just thinking if any ingredients have a genuine antiseptic quality. Camphor, menthol idk
  • Glasgowsnuff, I know exactly what you mean.  I love flavoured Menthols, but I can't take them all day.  I get a reverse drip and then I start coughing. My Wife looks at me as if I'm a leper.

    Getting back on point, I am convinced snuff is helping me avoid man-flu and unbelievably it has to be 10 years plus since I even had a sniffle.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited February 2020 PM
    @GlasgowSnuff and holly ammonia! As well as sodium chloride.
  • @Roderick we need to get doctors to issue scripts for snuff. Not being flippant and will probably regret saying this but the only sickness I've had in years was a virus around Christmas time a couple of years back when it was rife. Apart from that I've been clear of colds etc too. I used to really suffer from hay fever as well and havent for the 8 years or so I've been snuffing. I'm convinced that stimulation of mucus in the nose must clear out the nasties and or provide a barrier against things that aggrivate. If the NHS contact you about test subjects there will be plenty of folks on here who would be happy to sign up. On a serious note, stay safe everyone everywhere.
  • Nicely said.

  • and also good for health anecdotally is original formula listerine mouthwash--it is 100 yrs old or so...the knockoffs aren't the same...and all those flavored ones are nasty & saccharine . Listerine itself is an acquired taste i will grant, kinda in the way proper scotch, black coffee, vegemite etc [not that there is anything as good as scotch} DK pepermunt was also an amazing snuff, lucky i have a bit left
    Plus one to scripts for snuff, sadly it ain't gonna happen in the USA though 
  • Should we beg Big Reverend Roberts of Vestavia Hills for advice on this hazy matter, I wonder...
  • I am just thinking that since a lot of essential oils have been shown to have anti microbial properties, it could be a great rationalization to really load up some snuffs with certain ones anyways. Maybe tea tree, oregano, clove, thyme...
  • ar47ar47 Member
    I still get sick but never a sinus infection. When I get sick I snuff menthol only to keep my nasal passages giving no quarter to any bacterial
  • In all the years I have taken snuff I only have had maybe 2 colds. I believe snuff somehow protects me from catching airborne viruses. I may be mad, but I think I am right. I doubt if there are any scientific data confirming this idea but it does seem true to me.
  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    In a macrobiotics book that I was reading in the late 80s or early 90s, they said that tobacco can help ward off colds.
  • chrischris Member
    edited March 2020 PM
    If I get that certain feeling / tickle in my nose that is often the early warning of a cold I immediately make sure to take plenty of snuff and the cold never really starts up after that.

    There is a spray - can't remember the name and told it is quite unpleasant - that effectively covers the inside of the nose and that is supposed to protect against colds if you use it early enough. I wonder if snuff achieves the same effect in a rather more pleasant manner.
  • I was thinking about how we always used tobacco to draw out the poison from bee and wasp stings.
  • Clean hands is the most important. antiseptic gel in hands & have a nose full of medicated snuff whenever you are in crowd or public transportations.
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