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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Best Material for Snuffbox?

I have a number of purpose built snuff boxes, ranging from papier mache to silver, but no matter how tight the seal, none seem to keep moist snuff for very long before I'm delicately sniffing salt pebbles.

IMcChrystal's goes in a dutch silver box which is good for perhaps three days before becoming mentholatum profundis. Prins Regent goes in a birchwood box and is unacceptable by the end of the day. Old Paris goes into a rosewood box of recent manufacture and is granular within a few hours.

What am I doing wrong? There must be an elegant utility to be achieved.


  • edited March 2020 PM
    I have a lot of snuff boxes
    I use 2 snuff boxes every day with 2 different snuffs and I realized that if I put in them snuff in the morning at the end of the day snuff is different and changed its aromas
    So I put in snuff boxes only a bit snuff and when I have finished it I recharge
    Snuff boxes no matter how tight is the seal are not meant to store snuff for a long time
  • As much as I love the idea of wood boxes, I generally find they're just not really suitable... moisture takes a serious hit after only a couple hours. This has been an expensive lesson for me, though I've got a lot of nice wooden trinkets now :-b Some members have had success by using pipe wax, beeswax, etc. on the inside of their boxes to seal them up. A silver box that seals up well does seem the best way to do it, though even then I'd only count on a day's amount of snuff at a time. 
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited March 2020 PM
    Snuff boxes are meant to be filled every day. They are not for long term storage they are for daily use. You should only fill a snuff box with enough snuff to last you the day or it will dry out. Mason jars are for longterm storage.
  • HugoDraxHugoDrax Member
    edited March 2020 PM
    Was there something I said that indicated I used a snuffbox for long term storage?

    @insufflemus, thanks for the tip. I tried out a silver box with Old Paris yesterday and it kept it in reasonable condition for about 8 hours. That
  • Is all I can expect. Will wax the rosewood box today and see what happens.
  • I have found I get OK longevity
    For me anyway...
    From the old James Dixon pewter boxes
    Depending on their condition - some people seem to have treasured them and some people have used them as artillery ammunition!
  • When it comes to boxes what ever the boxes are made from, I suggest a wax such as pipe wax, renaissance wax or bees wax (bees wax gives a scent) Waxing a wooden box is most important, because the wood seems to dry out the snuff. I heat up the box with a hair dryer and then apply the wax, making certain I also coat the hinges. Mind you this will only keep the snuff most for a few days, perhaps three or four 
  • Wonderful suggestion. Thank you, sir.
  • Without a doubt Gold is best. I had several gold boxes back in the day however the estate was lost alas. I now keep it in my overcoat pockets, a tip I picked up from Napolean.
  • Does anyone have any comments or advice about using a metal rolling tobacco tin to store snuff in? I've got an old Golden Virginia tin and looks airtight. At least it might be good enough to keep my daily supply in?
  • @huysmans if its a tobacco tin then in theory it would be airtight enough for snuff for daily use
    but maybe not for a prolonged period
    The small kilner jars or small mason jars have worked well for me to keep larger amounts fresher for longer like you would with pipe tobacco etc
  • @billsykes I found snuff gets lost in the contours of the tobacco tin if you pour it in directly so I am using it to store my wooden snuff box and the odd tap tin to try and keep their contents safe.
  • @huysmans apologies for the late reply
    That sounds like a good idea :)
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