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Snuffing looks like Coronavirus

If someone should happen to see brown goo dripping from your nose, they're gonna think you have the Coronavirus. Also, they're gonna think that's a blood-spotted hanky in your pocket cause you're obviously coughing up blood. Maybe avoid public snuffing for the time being.


  • Yeah sure.. you should also avoid coughing and sneezing in public, that looks suspicious as well ughhh
  • I try to close my eyes when snuffing in public so people can't see me.
  • ...oh dear...
  • No problem, if somebody asks you about the stained handkerchief and they don't buy your explanation about snuffing you can calm them telling that you have a mild case of tuberculosis, as a plus that type of sickness has a "romantic" ring that goes very well with snuff  =))
  • @Wulfensteinsson or just call it consumption and see what they say :))
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