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Mr Snuff Snuff box

BillSykesBillSykes Member
edited March 2020 in General
Are these the fabled Mr Snuff Snuff boxes??

Lists as length 3 inches which seems a bit long compared to pics ive seen of them


  • Those are not the Mr .Snuff Snuffhouse boxes. These boxes are longer and much shallower than the Snuffhouse boxes. I have one and find them too shallow to pinch from. Mr. Snuff used to sell these but everyone complained about the size so he had the much better sized Snuffhouse boxes made, which are sadly no longer available.
  • The Mr. Snuff snuffboxes were smaller than the box you posted, they are actually discontinued but one shop in China sells one model quite, ehem, similar right now, you can find it here

    Regarding the quality some fellow snuffers in this forum have bought them and so far are very happy with them.

    I wish that the shipping costs were a bit more reasonable (they want to charge me 31 USD for delivering 1 single snuffbox to SPAIN! ) so be aware that the shipping costs are very pricey.
  • I can vouch for that.I have one of the snuffboxes wulfensteinsson mentioned and crazy shipping cost or not, i think it's well worth it. It's my all day box and would get another in a heartbeat if it were ever lost.
  • Thanks everyone, I thought it was too good to be true, hopefully those ones in China will stay in stock long enough for me to buy one or 5!
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