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Coronavirus and snuff

An interesting comparison I have noted and thought I would share.

Germany has 4649 cases and 9 deaths
Norway has 1133 cases and 3 deaths
Sweden has 961 cases and 2 deaths
Denmark has 864 case and 1 death
These Countries are the largest users snuff/snus.

Italy has 21157 cases and 1441
Spain has 6391 and 196 deaths
France has 4499 and 91 deaths
These Countries are high smoking non snuff/snus using.

I am coming round to the theory that Solanine from non smoked tobacco in the nose and mouth might warrant some consideration.


  • Interesting indeed.
  • SlideSlide Member
    edited March 2020 PM
    The alkalizing agents in snuff probably play a role as well

    Raising the body's PH increases the body's ability to fight off infections as I understand it.
  • It's due to the fact that these countries have more elderly population.
  • Yes, partially ALLex, but look a little deeper; they aren't 'that' much older.  I had an office in Milan. That is a vibrant young city and the north of Italy is much more inline with France and northern Spain.  
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited March 2020 PM
    But does tobacco actually contain any significant amount of solanine?

    There are quite a few veggies which are  l o a d e d  with this glycoalkaloid (in comparison to our humble baccy). Italians do consume a fair amount of them.
  • True, but most of the solanine is in the leaves and sprouted potatoes rather than ones we like to consume.  Also they don't have it constantly in the nose.
  • sixphotosixphoto Member
    edited March 2020 PM

  • sixphotosixphoto Member
    edited April 2020 PM
    Caronavirus has arrived in India as well with 114 confirmed cases so far.

    BTW India is home to about 233 million daily obacco users , and  smokeless tobacco use commands a larger share than smoking .
  • I would think its a bit counterintuitive to be inhaling off your hands throughout the day, if youre going for the 'Its healthier' argument. I personally dont snuff most of the time while I'm at work since I do get my hands dirty; I stick to snus. But sometimes I dont care. Although during this whole ordeal I have stuck to strictly using snuff at home after washing up. I wont say that I'm incredibly afraid of this thing. However it does seem to be, maybe, the very least I could do to not put my hands in my face all day, specifically trying to get things in my nose.
  • I have no evidence for this, but in my years of snuff taking I rarely ever get colds, flu, or any other illness spread by airborne pathogens. The only illness I've had was Hepatitis C, which was due to my injection of heroin and subsequent addiction back in the 1980s and 1990s. 3 months of treatment with Sofosvobir cured me. It's been almost one year ago that I had that drug therapy. Now I read that the possible cure to coronavirus is a drug called remdisavir, a cousin of the drug I took. But I also think snuff may provide protection from the C-virus by changing the chemistry of the nose. I'm still wearing a mask when I go into town as per Colorado law, but I think snuff may be making it safer.
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