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Payment options for snuff

DocHollidayDocHolliday Member
edited March 2020 in General
Hello all,

I tried to order a variety of nasal snuffs from a popular dealer whose Banner appears on this site. Got all the way through the enjoyment of selecting new flavors I wanted to try and attempted to check out. But to my dismay, I found the dealer does not take American Express or PayPal. I do not have Master Card or Visa and to be honest do not want anymore credit or debit cards. I pay my American Express off each month and they will fight for us if there is a dispute about a purchase. Our PayPal account uses the same we are protected there too. It is hard to understand how any online business can exist without a PayPal connection. After a lot of research I was able to find a dealer with a nice selection who did take my payment option of choice. I know the dealer originally referred to will not go broke without my business, but I really would have liked to make purchases from this business.
Doc Holliday 
         Is unus bibliotheca magna , He is in himself a great library. 


  • Just spotted this.  We at Toque take Amex but you have to click GB pounds as the currency or it won't work. Still comes out of your dollar account.

    PayPal UK won't allow any tobacco or alcohol to be paid for by PayPal. 
  • DocHollidayDocHolliday Member
    edited April 2020 PM
    Thanks for the reply Roderick,
    Yours was not the dealer referred to. I will certainly check out your offerings. I did not realize that fact about PayPal UK.
    Good to know.

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