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Any snuff like Gletscher-Prise but with more nicotine?

The question is in the title.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated! 


  • If you're okay with an English style (non-oiled), I think McChrystal's Highland Ice comes close in terms of aroma, though it is stronger in the menthol department and also has some eucalyptus, to my nose. For oiled snuffs, you could try Bernard's Jubilaums. Similar menthol strength, if I recall, but there are also some fruity/chocolatey notes in the background, which might disqualify it for you. 
  • I will add both to my next order. Thx!
  • You could try mixing it with a white snuff like White Elephant to up the nicotine. Poschl snuffs are so over flavoured and oiled that you can add as much as 3 parts white snuff to 1 part poschl and it will still taste of pure poschl and still be as moist and clumpy as a poschl.
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