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Bought a pack and smoked it

Been doing this once a month roughly. Sometimes I make it 2 or 3 months. This time it was after 22 days. And this time I crumbled them up after 9 actually. I've only found real success since around my birthday last August, so not quite a year. But it has been real progress, more than I ever thought possible. Lithium has probably been the singular variable in giving me the ability to have such success, but it would surely not be possible without tobacco alternatives as well.

With this virus mess, I didnt order any from Mcchrystals, the only one I know for sure I like, because their store was closed. And I just havent ordered from any others yet. They're open now, but now isnt actually in my hands now. So I grabbed some Garrett, after breaking down and getting the cigs. Its the only thing I can get locally though they did have Tube Rose this time, which I've never tried. Maybe it would have been better, but after knowing more of the history of Garrett, I really wanted to be able to tolerate it.

Garrett has always been such a beating for me to take. Its too fine, or dry, or both, I'm not really sure. It made me so miserable that I've thrown almost a whole container out twice because I had no other nicotine and was just compelled by addiction to sniff this terrible burning sickeningly sweet dust in my nose. I think Ive since broken in my nose better, or drank enough beers, that its not so bad. But I've got a ziploc bag full of half the snuff with a few drops of bottled water to sit over night. Maybe it will be more tolerable. If not, I still have my Kodiak.

I digressed a ton, I only meant to ask what yall do in the smoking relapse situations? And maybe, how to facilitate better success over time?


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