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WoS Brunswick Black Rappee and Kendal Brown are back (and... changed?)

volungevolunge Member
edited April 2020 in Snufftaking
Some good news for plain snuff lovers - Wilsons of Sharrow has relaunched Brunswick, and apparently made it plain. Their previous Brunswick had "just a hint of various essential oils of Mediterranean citrus fruits" and was probably akin to Best Dark and Princes. Current Brunswick Black Rappee is described as "a special coarse snuff that is dark in colour, moist and made from fine dark fired tobacco leaves", with no mention of any flavouring whatsoever. And it is strong, rated "5" in WoS nicotine scale.

Judging from the description, Kendal Brown has been changed as well - not sure about flavour, but the base flour is described entirely different now. Previous version was floral SP, only a tad coarser than their typical SP grind, medium brown, scented with geranium and citrus (some reviewers mention rose and bergamot, too). The new KB is described as "a coarse moist blend of dark fired and burley tobacco with the added aroma of lemon and bergamot" (sounds like Africa and Best Dark base).

And it's highly unlikely that WoS would discontinue Irish No.22. I mean, why should they saw off the branch they are on? People are buying it by drums. It's still listed at their webstore:


  • This is the exact answer that I got from the  concerning Irish 22 :



    Thank you for your enquiry.


    This product has been discontinued am afraid.


    We apologise for the inconvenience.


    Kind regards and keep safe,



    Snuff Store

    Customer Service

    Now, I'm sure that @volunge is right and the Wilsons did not discontinued Irish 22,

    and it's just a mistake from the customer service.

    Also hope the same goes for Sam.Gawith Kendal Brown Original!

    I have seen those new Wilsons at the some months ago....what about mr.snuff/ ?


  • @tobaccobob, I think SS got tired reordering Irish 22 from Sharrow mills that often ;). I rarely spot it on stock there, apparently, it has a big demand and sells out really fast, just like Toque USA W&H. Or... they don't bother re-stocking on one or a few snuffs and re-stock only full (or close to full) range once a year or so.

    Sounds like a template answer/canned response, that "discontinued am afraid" thing.
  • Good news! I loved Brunswick. Also I noticed Black Rappee (SG) in stock at MS. Just a few months ago I was told they had discontinued it. The Viking Dark Rappee is good, but it is not Black Rappee!
  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    edited April 2020 PM
    I really hope they would not discontinue the KBO, I was under the impression that it was more or less their most popular offering.

    Love 22 as well.
  • I loved Brunswick too. I've still got a couple of hundred grams stashed away in jars, along with Best Dark, and Burgundy.
  • UweUwe Member
    I would like to buy some Brundwick Black Rappee,but Wilsons does not ship to Germany and it is not listed at or
    The German has it, but does only sell the 5 gr. tap-tins, which I dislike very much. Does anyone know if and when when the Isle of men-stores will list the Brunswick?
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