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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

The motherland



  • volungevolunge Member
    edited May 2020 PM
    Interesting post, written by a member of Facebook Nasal Snuff Takers group:

    "NTSU is well known for its strength, purity and banyard type aroma,
    however few people outside South Africa know how it is used

    To understand how spiritually important snuff
    (like NTSU & TAXI) is to the South African bantu culture, one must
    first understand the central spiritual practice of their traditional
    culture is reverence of their ancestors. They believe that their
    ancestors play a central role in their health & well being, and
    neglect of their ancestors is to bring misfortune and illness into the household.

    In order to talk and pray to their ancestors, they must sprinkle snuff
    on the ground or altar in a sacred practice the zulu call phahla. They
    believe snuff acts as a direct connection to the other worlds where
    their ancestors reside and watch over them. In fact, most of a box of
    snuff is never inhaled, but offered to their ancestors.

    snuff is sniffed, the first pinch is always sprinkled on the ground
    first to remind them that their ancestors always come first.

    Traditional healers called sangomas/inyangas always carry snuff and
    prize it above anything else. The concept being that wealth and
    possessions come and go, however if they have snuff they will always be
    close to their ancestors.

    For further details of the practice of phahla, watch this video -"

    As reported by the same guy, "about 70% (of snuff takers) (are) women, but there's a lot of men, too. Of all ages[...]."

  • dasrdasr Member
  • dasrdasr Member
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