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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

New MrSnuff Website - Limited Free Shipping

MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator
Hey guys,

apologies for my long silence.

We've been plugging away frantically getting the new website built.

There are some quite radical changes in the backend. It is significantly more mobile and tablet friendly. It should be easier to drill down to a particular product, range or category.

It is a completely fresh start on a new platform.

Announcing here first,
  • there is free shipping for the first 500 customers.
  • Loyalty Points (Snuff Coins) are back!. Make sure you sign up to get them.
  • 20% off code for sign up also
FYI: we will not be carrying over any details from the old website. Free shipping etc is a thank you for the hassle of having to re-register when you've been a customer for years.

I really hope you like it.

If you find any bugs, have any suggestions or tweaks, if there is functionality you'd like to see and so on, please let us know via the contact us page or directly to me here. We'll pass you some MrSnuff Coins by way of a thank you.

Click: MrSnuff



  • Congrats, Dave!

    Looks like some security things need to fixed. I have no clue what it might be, but I get this:
  • MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator
    edited May 2020 PM
    @volunge It is just taking time to propogate (according to the dev guys)

  • It's ok now, I'm in ;).
  • JohanoJohano Member
    edited May 2020 PM
    Thats gr8!! Just wondered where to buy/steal Viking Dark from in bulk, without horrendous shipping costs to EU :D

    Already love the design, looks very trendy and works quite well on smartphone.
  • DeezDeez Member
    Do we have to create a new login?  Mine is no longer working.  And are bundles coming back?
  • Site seems to be down. Shows "403 Forbidden" when I try to go to it.
  • @MrSnuff, is there a bank transfer payment option?
  • MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator
    @volunge ....not yet, but I will add it to the wishlist.

    @Deez yes I'm afraid so. We've added loyalty point back again by popular demand, and it is on a new database.

    @Lonefrog615 would you be Able to she me a screenshot, especially of address bar? That way we can see if we can replicate and fix the problem.

    Thanks for all the feedback.
  • MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator
    Btw, the free shipping will run out pretty soon. So if you like that best jump on it. If you're not bothered, take your time ?
  • MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator
    Do you like our new logo?
  • i do.  I think your whole new website is very nicely done.  I love the close and clear pictures of all the products.
  • Very happy with the new look and ease of use. My first experience with the site didn't go so well...I couldn't checkout! My most recent purchases went much better! Love the logo.
  • Lonefrog615Lonefrog615 Member
    edited May 2020 PM
    I tried to capture a screenshot for you but the problem seems to have resolved itself. If it reoccurs, I will capture a full screenshot for you. Just placed an order, thanks for the free shipping!
  • Excellent, might place an order. Is snuff store online going to be updated too? Why do both sites run at the same time... Same business isn't it??
  • New website looks great...just signed up. I love reading about the different snuff on offer. The reviews are very helpful for me in my decision making process. I would love to have a spot where I can save the ones I want to remember when making my next order. Is this possible? 
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    Cant order bulk WoS snuff, wont let me add it to cart because its "sold out" but note on bottom says bulk snuff is not in stock because it is special ordered directly from the manufacturer.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    Site seems to be working well on mobile - thanks & congrats!

    The major categories are a bit confusing to me. The 4th category for example is "smokeless." Categories 1-3 (2 and 3 very similar) are all smokeless themselves. And Neffa Ifrikia is hidden under smokeless and not snuff.

    I want to check the desktop page later when I have time. One thing I really liked about the old site was the categorization by host country. Made it easier for me to start to understand the different companies when I started snuffing a couple years ago and used your site and this one as a starting guide.

    Congrats again!
  • "Buy the box" / "Click here to add a box of..." option is missing.
  • congratulations Dave on the new website . It looks fresh and trendy , a definite improvement on the previous version. BTW who's the guy on the mr snuff logo ? :)
  • ar47ar47 Member
    Yes who is that guy??
  • Still wont let me order bulk WoS
  • The guy on the logo could be me... exceot the beard and the sunglasses... oh ... and I use to keep my hair much shorter... LOL

    Just kidding
  • Oh, the logo.. its Mr. Dude, Duder..perhaps El Duderino (if youre not into whole brevity thing)
  • DeezDeez Member
    Are bundles coming back?
  • Is there any way of showing prices in pounds on mr.snuff? And avoid American taxes??? Or should I use the sister site in the UK???
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited July 2020 PM
    It seems that same just happened to New design and some radical changes. Not sure if I can afford it anymore with this new pricing.. Kind of sad.
  • With this new pricing,don't think I will create a new account!  :(
    Come on, NTSU black 15g for 3.39 pounds?

  • Just peeped at Africans, SG and 6P... Same feelings, @tobaccobob.
  • Bernard's Gekachelter Virginie went from 5.41 to 9.19 pounds
    6 Photo Mysore Sandalwood from 1.99 to 8.99

     let's hope this is just a glitch....
  • The bernards virginie is a 50g bag @tobaccobob, all the 10g offerings are the same as before.

    So are the SG @volunge. And the indian whites are same as before too.

    Did I miss something? :-??
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