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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Nasal microbiome?

"Of the 30 most common types of microbes the team discovered, one group stood out: antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory bacteria called Lactobacillus. These were up to 10 times more abundant in the noses of healthy people, the researchers publish today in Cell Reports."

I wonder how does snuff relates (or if it relates at all) to number of the 'good' bacterias in our nose as the article states. Nicotine is said to inhibit certain types of pathogens.. that could be actually a bad thing when it comes to healthy nasal microbiome. Any thoughts :-??


  • Next to that, nicotine acts as a mutagen in some organisms.

    But there's another issue, when it comes to nasal microbial populations. There are many strains of Lactobacillus. Dairy lactobacillus are acidophilic (pHmax. 6.7-7.1). Most snuffs are alkalized, some even up to pH 10, and that's too high for dairy strains to survive or stay active. However, some other strains are highly alkali-tolerant (pHmax. 8.5-9.7), these might retain their activity. Not sure, which strains article refers to.

    Skimmed through this study:
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