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Oiled snuff (fine grind) | Removing the oil

ALLexALLex Member
edited June 2020 in Types of Snuff
Is there a way to remove the oil from an oiled fine grinded snuff?

For example Snafu Plain. I would prefer it much more if it was completely dry.

Thanks in advance for all the replies!


  • I think one possible way would be using a separator (like centrifuge). You would need to mix snuff with water and pour the suspension into device, whirl, decant the top oil layer and reduce moisture to zero. Theoretically, this process would yield oil-free snuff. Low-end lab centrifuges are from 55 GBP, used ones should be somewhat cheaper. I never used one, so cannot shed more light on it.

    Another way, probable more reasonable, is cutting your oiled snuff with other oil-free snuff. Might be worth experimenting with small amounts, starting with 1:2 or 1:3 mixing ratio.

    I'm doing just the opposite manipulation - trying my hand at making Madras type snuff. Just strained homemade ghee :)

  • ALLexALLex Member
    edited June 2020 PM
    thanks for all the info mate! Sounds good but i dont see myself buying a lab centrifuges to change some snuff, i think its better to buy some oil-free snuff with that money. Its very interesting though.

    As for mixing it  with an oil-free snuff, i thought of that but its not what i m into. I have created many failures by mixing snuffs that at the end i found that i prefer them as they are.

    Maybe if i let an opened tin in a warm place for like a month...? lol

    I really enjoy madras too but the oil in Snafu really ruins it for me. I like Snafu Plain's colour, grind and aroma/taste but i cant enjoy it with the oil in it and how heavy it is because of it.

    I have a feeling that no matter how long i will let it breath in an open tin (months), at the end it will be still oiled and heavy.
  • Oil doesnt evaporate so leaving the tin open wont do anything. Even if some of the lighter distillate oiks evaporate off you'll still be left with the heaviest non evaporative oils remaining. It would in theory be thicker than when you started.
  • Alex,

    You could just go to our website and look at Silver Dollar or Toque toasts. Try a sampler selection of all your ideals and Toque's your uncle.
  • ALLexALLex Member
    edited June 2020 PM

    In fact I got an order from your website today in the mailbox!!

    Toque Natural Toast,Toque Almond Toast and F&T High Dry Toast !
    And i cant wait to try them after i leave the office.

    It only took 13 business days which is awesome these days!

    I have made many orders from . I really love Toque Quit, Whiskey & Honey USA, Rustica (more for having it in my collection rather than pinching it frequently) and Cheese and Bacon is in my jars too ! There isnt a Toque i didint enjoy so far !

    Toque Bourbon, Toque Natural and Toque SP Extra are already in my virtual cart for near future order!

    About the bespoke orders:
    Is it possible to create a Scotch snuff (bright pale colour, ultra fine, dry, smokey) ? Not the Silver Dollar Scotch but something very smokey and very dry and fine, yellow colour tobacco like american dry scotches.
    Toque Scotch would be awesome and definetely something i will keep buying due to the inaccessibility of scotches for us in europe. 
  • Good to hear, 13 days is very good these days.  

    Funnily enough we have just been talking about a range of toasts and an extra smokey one would be possible either as part of the range or as a bespoke.
  • ALLexALLex Member
    edited June 2020 PM

    That sounds amazing.

    This would be the best thing to happen in snuff community nowadays.

    I will be happy to see this extra smokey toast or a Toque Scotch!

    I imagine Toque Scotch next to Toque Natural Toast ! 

    Cant wait to see this Extra Smokey Toast ! 
  • Honestly the availability of scotches in the USA sucks too. Here in CT nobody has even heard of snuff. Outside of some southern grocers and small town pharmacy clerks im fairly certain American snuff is dead in America.

    @roderick if you were to recreate an American style snuff id definitely order a tin. Ive been quite fond of toasts, and unlike menthols and sp, the selection is pretty limited
  • @ALLex, @Snuffalufagis, some American dry snuffs are back on stock at You need to run search for them on snuffstore, but has a separate "American Snuffs" row in "Nasal snuff" drop-down list. That said, I would join you both ordering a tin of Toque American Dry Scotch Snuff. @Roderick
  • @volunge I did see those when i looked last, however when I ordered during free shipping they weren't available lol. There's actually more if you search "american" or "scotch". It puts them all on the same page. Also search all nasal snuff and select new-old in display. Puts all 10ish new american snuff right up top
  • ALLexALLex Member
    edited June 2020 PM
    i know but the prices for a small tin is around 15 euros + 10 to 15 for shipping. I will never buy a 30 gram little tin for 30 euros (1 euro per gram of snuff). 15 euros for a 30 gram tin is ridiculous price for snuff, even without the shipping.

    We trust Toque for the quality tobacco, the reasonable prices & the awesome customer support!

    Toque Scotch will be the best!
    I will definetely buy bags of it everytime i ll make an order from 

  • volungevolunge Member
    edited June 2020 PM
    Very true points, mates. Honestly, I'm interested in trying only two of the currently available - Bruton and Rooster. Unfortunatelly, both are available only in large 4.65 oz tubes and vendor charges exorbitant 55.00 USD. So, not in this life.

    I would order one of them in 30 g tin though, if they ever appear in stock. W. E. Garett's small with shipping to Europe is 15.49 GBP (13.00 + 2.49 (Royal Mail International Standard)). But I would be very disappointed to find out it's actually less potent than any toast.

    Those in 30 g tins are 0.43 GBP per 1 gram. For comparison, SWS snuffs cost 0.32 / 0.50 / 0.79 GBP per gram, Neffa Ifrikia - 0.56, White Elephant - 0.33, Rosinski - 0.39, Poschl JBR Blue - 0.48... Just noting.
  • 4.65oz works out to 132g, so $.42 per gram. Not really outside the realm of possibility. However considering 100g of mg madras was $11, I may not.
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