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Anyone else here settled on one snuff and one only? (And what is it?)

Well to cut a long story in half I first tries snuff as a student, it was a tin of JH Wilsons Top Mill. I took a massive pinch filled my nostrils with it and threw the tin away... if only this forum had been around in those days but the internet was not around either. Fast forward several years and I discovered all sorts of snuffs and I must have tried tins upon tins but nothing clicked. It was either to harsh on the nose or so full of menthol that it literally gave me a tooth ache. THEN I DISCOVERED CRUMBS OF COMFORT. Now I can take nothing else and never do. That one has become my every day all day for ever. Why? Because it smells like the paged of an ancient book mixed with 17th century spearmint with only a hint of menthol. I really am addicted to that one. Well and truly done. If it was a woman then I have found the reincarnation of Marylyn Monroe, Bo Derrick  and Thelma Todd (look her up the ice cream blond) in one. O, and Patsy Kelly and Zasu Pitts of course. 

Any one else have only one?

How did you find it?

What is it and why...?


  • For myself, variety is the spice of life and I can't imagine limiting the options.

  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    I cant re stock on snuff without buying several new ones to try.
  • If there is a snuff out there that I would make my one and only,  I haven't found it yet...........
  • i hear what you guys are saying and can agree that varity is a very good thing. It was a strange process really as my first hit of Crumbs of Comfort seemed to click like no other ever has, its beyond addiction. Any vicars here that would consider marrying me to the stuff. Maybe shrrow mills could be the place for the reception. All invited!

  • Have ye tried the Wilson's spearmint? It's good too.
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