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Help me decide what to order

ALLexALLex Member
Which of the following Toque snuffs would you buy in bulk and why?

Toque Bourbon
Toque Pomegranate
Toque Toffee
Toque Menthol


  • Toque bourbon, because I gave up the drink...
  • Not sure about bulk (haven't tried any of these), but as a fan of tobacco-centric snuffs, I'm curious about that Bourbon, too.

    High five @Snuffalufagis, nice to meet another abstainer! 
  • ALLexALLex Member
    edited July 2020 PM
    @Snuffalufagis @volunge Thanks for the replies guys! 
    I am really curious about the Bourbon too.
    I am a tobacco-centric fan too. Last week i ordered Toque Quit and Toque Natural in bulks to keep them as my main snuff just because i love the tobacco aroma. 

    I m leaning towards Bourbon and Pomegranade.
    I never had a fruity snuff but i decided i should try one.

    The Bourbon snuff seems very nice from comments i read here that describe it as a toast with a smoky bbq bacon scent. 

    I would appriciate some enlightment about Toque Bourbon or Toque Pomegranate!

    Thanks in advance guys for all the replies!
  • ALLexALLex Member
    @volunge from what i ve read and correct me if i am wrong, Toque Bourbon is a toast, but Toque USA Kentucky Bourbon isnt toast based, right?  I want to try the toast first i ve read its more smoky 
  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    The menthol is a pretty strong menthol. If you know that you like the Wilsons of Sharrow medicateds, or similar products, I am pretty sure you would like it. If I remember correctly, the bourbon is nicely done, and not an over the top scenting.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    Toque Bourbon is similar in texture and aroma to WE Garrett scotch snuff according to my nose. Very smokey, very toasted (too much for my nose).

    Pomegranate is great. The fruit isn't too sweet in the nose - sidecar to the tobacco rather than plopped on top.

    USA Kentucky Bourbon is a different animal, and I love it. Almost wet with boozy casing and a gentle toast
  • ALLexALLex Member
    @Mr_O Thank you mate! I love strong menthols!

    @ar47 Thanks for the awesome reply! I think i am gonna buy Toque Bourbon now that i know it is very smokey.

    I m gonna buy Toque Bourbon, Toque Pomegranate and Toque Menthol for sure but one at a time because i dont want the scents of the snuffs to end up mixed/ transfered from one bulk to the other.

    I think i am gonna start with Toque Bourbon. 

  • I cant speak to the pomegranate, but the toque grapefruit is great. I have a steady supply of toque bourbon, and the other liquor based toques. The Kentucky bourbon smells exactly like a 3 finger shot of jim beam, while the toque bourbon is a little gentler on the senses, with a texture very similar to the W&H.

    Btw the toffee is good as well, it has a pleasant sweetness. I mix it with other citrus snuffs occasionally.

    The menthol is powerful, however before I realized I despise menthol snuff id only had 3, so I dont really know how strong it is comparatively
  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited July 2020 PM
    @Snuffalufagis the Toque menthol is indeed quite stout. Not Hedges L260 or J&HW MED No.99 but up there. Regarding Grapefruit: I Love the snuff! But Roderick of Toque has mentioned that their Grapefruit is a particularly unstable aroma and quickly degrades, so probably not suitable for bulk ordering.

    My favorite fruit snuff of Toque and all the snuffs on the market, personally, is Toque Blueberry. The best fruity menthol in my opinion is Toque Blueberry mixed with J&H Wilson's MED No.99. But I still love Toque Blueberry Menthol and it's easier that way :D

    Don't overlook Berwick Brown! I did for the first many Toque orders but Loved it once I took the recommendation of @50ft_trad
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