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SWS change. St. James Parish, Havana

volungevolunge Member
edited August 2020 in General
Has anyone noticed that recent batches of some Sir Walter Scott's snuffs are  w a y  d i f f e r e n t  than they used to be?

Some weeks ago I saw a post with the changed Havana Toast picture on Facebook Nasal Snuff Takers group. And earlier this week I got my hands on a good sample of the new St. James, which now looks... like this:

Different St. James (2)

So, it's obviously not a toast anymore. Medium brown, medium moist and medium grind. Very, very chocolaty. Good strength, nice burn.

It is a decent snuff, but not the good old St. James.


  • Thats tragic, sjp was one of my favorite toasts
  • That looks and sounds like 50/50 ?

  • volungevolunge Member
    edited August 2020 PM
    @Johnny, that makes sense! I suspected mislabeling, but being not familiar with 50/50, wasn't sure. I'm happy with this unexpected opportunity of trying Your new snuff. I must say it found it's place among my favourite snuffs!

    Now I rest assured knowing that St. James is unchanged. I assume Havana Toast changes, mentioned in Facebook NST group, might be explained by different freshness (reseller's issue).


    Moderators are welcome to lock or delete this thread ( @miamimark ). Pardon me for this small commotion, @Snuffalufagis and other fellows here!
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