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How many snuffs in a day?

GormurGormur Member
This is the first time I've had this much snuff, about half a kilo.  Since I'm new to the game it seems like plenty to me

My question is how many different snuffs do you comfortably pinch throughout a day?  I like to start early, so since 5:45am I've tried four different snuffs.  It's now just past 9:30am.  It feels like if I try a fifth it may be too much.  Maybe by the afternoon I'll change my mind.  I just don't want to confuse my nose

Thanks in advance,



  • Well, like you I'm still pretty new to snuff but also like you I have a variety of different types. I'd say I generally stick with alternating between three or so throughout the day. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I generally grab what I'm craving. That said, I'm also conscious of what's open. and do my best to keep from cracking something new until I've finished something off. I do currently have a lot opened at the moment.
  • GormurGormur Member
    I'm trying to do ones that are similar sort of back to back.  Well, all of mine are similar to each other in that they're medium to high nicotine, moist or dry and kind of plain, but like earlier I made the mistake of taking Dholakia Madras Toast after WoS IHT #22.  It wasn't bad just had an odd feeling and taste afterwards

    Then when I had Viking Thor's Hammer I took WoS Dr. Rumney's Brown, waited and had more IHT #22 and now WoS Plain.  I've been taking that the last couple hours
  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    I think if you are trying new snuffs you do want to space them out so you lose a scent before you try the next. But in the day to day process, I do not really think about it, but I typically blow my nose between snuffs. As far as a number, probably at least a few, sometimes up to 10 or so.
  • ALLexALLex Member
    only one
  • JohanoJohano Member
    Depends on the day, but its usually no more than 3 different snuffs. I am getting obsessed with one as daily for a few weeks, then suddenly change to something else.
  • GormurGormur Member
    @Mr_O Good point.  Samuel Gawith Irish D was the first toast I tried.  I stick with it but the neat thing with it is I can take it then take another, completely different snuff afterwards.  Although I prefer to take different toasts back to back like Irish D, WoS IHT #22 or F&T HDT

    Taking completely new snuffs I've never tried is hard because I don't know what to expect so I try to take what I think is similar to the snuff I had before that.  I had an olfactory overload yesterday, which while not unpleasant left me plugged up, so I plugged some OTTO schmalzler and feel a lot better this morning :)
  • I only really use one snuff and thats Crumbs of Comfort. Recently however this has become a 50/50 mix of crumbs of comfort and McCrystals original. And thats all.

  • msxmsx Member
    @Sir_Rodney_Ffing and you dont have any interest in exploring the world of snuff beyond that or did i get you wrong ?
  • DeezDeez Member
    I was just wondering about this the other day.  On average I probably use 3 or 4 different ones but that can be more if I have an off day with really nothing to do.
  • msxmsx Member
    @Deez Same for me. Standart rotation is at least 3-4 different ones and more on free days/nights
  • @msx sure I did some exploring, been snuffing for quite a while, but i was spending a lot on snuffs that really never seemed to click. Now I just go for what i really like and what guarantees snuff happiness...

  • Boy can you spend a fortune trying to find the snuff of all snuff. These days the addiction costs very liitle...

  • I wanted to try taking Dholakia Madras Toast all day but it just doesn't work for me.  I end up with too much snuff in the back of my sinuses and it burns too much for comfort.  Too bad because I like it, but I take it at intervals/certain times of the day and it's perfect for that

    Just now I timed when the drip would hit so I took a couple hits of WoS IHT #22 before I could taste it.  Perfect

    I was mainly wondering about using different snuffs because I'll notice using toasts all day, I feel clogged up but then I'll hit say Viking Thor's Hammer or Samuel Gawith Kendal Brown Plain and find out I'm not stuffed up.  Any idea of what might cause this?  Maybe it's a certain smell or texture that causes it after so long
  • msxmsx Member
    @Gormur i know what you mean and have the same experience. Some snuffs clog me up rather fast while others dont do it at all or lets say very, very little. No clue why. Since i like strong menthols and have them daily it helps to get the nose running and blow clean it out.
  • It depends on what I am doing during the day. If I am out and about, driving and/or in public, I have a couple of finer snuffs on me (Rows, Clementine and Super Kailash today, it so happens). At home, I go with the potentially messy snuffs - Viking Scotch Dark being a favourite. The latter are much kinder on my schnozzer than the fine ones.  I always have a schmalzler in the very late evening, as the equivalent of a nightcap. Schmalzlers are also the only ones that bung up the hooter, so that's another reason for them being last thing at night. 
  • @Hyperion Thanks for that information.  For me moist coarse snuffs stuff me up pretty fast; even Viking Thor's Hammer and Taxi Red do, but not too much.  Samuel Gawith Kendal Brown Plain is pretty forgiving although I couldn't use it all day.  NTSU Black doesn't clog me up, but it's the only coarse snuff that doesn't

    So far I seem to be able to use toasts all day.  The one exception being F&T HDT.  Maybe I'll revisit it sometime but it has such a short-lasting effect for me so I get stuffed up trying to get something out of it if that makes sense
  • Ok, I take it all back. Ive started experimenting, spurred on by this topic...

  • msxmsx Member
    @Sir_Rodney_Ffing i am sure that will bring you quite the fun
  • edited August 19 PM
    @msx Well I got a small order arrive from snuff store uk, a tin of Poschl green and a small drum of Dholakia Mentholyptus. Now i have tries the Poschl and its good, very, very good. Wintergreen with a touch of menthol. As for the Dholakia I am very impressed with the packing and after one pinch I think I will enjoy this one also.

  • msxmsx Member
    @Sir_Rodney_Ffing i cannot comment on the one from Dholakia since i never had that one yet but for the green one from P i totally agree

    It took me actually by surprise when i got it fr the gas station like 2 months ago for the first time. If only they would put a bit more of vitamin N into their snuffs but well
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