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Two companies, two different health warnings...

Ok folks, this may be old news but if not here goes. If you go over to the Poschl website you will find a fairly blatant disclaimer on snuff and health; according to Poschl snuff use (backed by sientific reasearch) does not cause cancer. Wilsons however have changed their old take on it and is now claiming that certain cancer is possible. Who the heck is correct? And, why are two companies, inolved in the production of the same product, making opposing caims?
Any ideas?


  • Probably different regulations based the fact that they are manufactured in different countries.
  • Poschl is more bold; Wilson's is (hoping to be) less liable

    Sure would be nice if Poschl is on to something
  • @ar47 Yes, I hear you. But its still odd. If you purchased an identicle rifle from two stores, and the one store caimed the thing could blow up in your hand but the other claimed it does not happen their would be an outcry. I think its time for these companies to support more research. 

  • @Sir_Rodney_Ffing the store that said it wouldn't blow up would be foolish. There are too many things outside their control, e.g. ammunition being accidentally double-loaded etc. It would only make sense to say that they should always be used safely etc. With snuff ... there is very little data. Even if the data supports snuff not causing cancer, what if you work on a pipeline for example and you use hands covered in carcinogens to take your pinch. The best I think the snuff makers can and should do is point them to 3rd party reading/research. I don't want Poschl or WoS or Toque or anyone getting tied up in court and it's unnecessary.
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