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Ok I know this is a stupid question...

...but I suddenly wondered if anyone occasionally snuffs different snuffs in each nostril. Such as Toque whiskey and honey in the right and 6 photo super kailash in the left.


  • I call it comparative snuffing. Tried this with 6p Med 66 and and No. 6. Blocking of a nostril for the pure sniff of each then the combo. F&T Macouba and Bordeaux was interesting. Bit weird when one causes back drip and the other not so much.
  • KengivensKengivens Member
    edited August 2020 PM
    It occurs to me with cheese and bacon in the left and Irish toast in the right Ill have a grilled cheese sandwisch
  • @Kengivens interesting but not stupid question! How did your cheese Sammy turn out?
  • Being honest, I never tried.

    But @engivens - that seems to be a good recipe. Maybe one day I will try it out...
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