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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Authentic Germanic Schmalzlers

VayaVaya Member
edited August 2020 in Types of Snuff
My first Schmalzler was from the Otto line. I found it a fascinating departure from the English and Indian snuffs I had been exploring and so I vowed to familiarize myself with this wonderful new world.

I have since tried many Schmalzlers by several manufacturers, and am appreciating the complex variation within and between different varieties - I am thinking explicitly of Bernard here.

What are your preferred methods for taking Schmalzlers? They are messy, so I use a crafted snuff spoon despite bing a fan of a warmed pinch and the boxcar method. I strongly dislike tap boxes, but those by Bernard are solid and seem to be a pretty effective way to enjoy the muddy contents.

Does anyone else tend to decant Bernards tapboxes into jars or boxes?

Any fans of Gekachelter Virginie by Bernard? Recently discovered it.
Also, thoughts on Poschl Schmalzlers? I have tried several that have been quite good, but dont rise to the level of some of the Bernards offerings. I recently procured a 100g bag of Perlesreuter Schmalzler by Poschl that im excited to contrast with Sudfrucht and Schmalzler A Brazil.

I recently expanded my Bernards inventory to now include the following:
  1. Klostermischung
  2. Zwiefacher
  3. Steifeprise
  4. Winterpris
  5. Polar Prise 
  6. Postillion
  7. Brazil Doppelt Fermentiert
  8. Aecht Alt Schmalzler 
  9. 285 Jahre Jubilaums Snuff
  10. Fichtennadel
  11. Tiger Cherry
  12. Gekachelter Virginie
Although I realize that Jubilaums and Tiger Cherry are not Schmalzlers.
I realize this is a broad topic, so please indulge me in any and all talk surrounding this wonderful nuanced niche of the snuff universe!


  • HumppaHumppa Member
    edited August 2020 PM
    I dont wanna be picky, but

    Gekachelter Virginie
    Jubilaums Snuff
    Steife Prise
    Polar Prise

    from your list are no Schmalzlers. They are Snuffs. They are not made of brazil tobacco which qualifies as a Schmalzler.

    My favorite is Aecht Altbayerischer Schmalzler by taste. And Perlesreuther Waldler Fresko by Poschl by costs...

    Gekachelter is a great snuff, but more a traditional snuff like Alter Kownoer, Civette or Alt Offenbacher Kostlich

    questions; I take my Schmalzlers from the back of the hand. I use to
    fill them in porcellan flasks or stein flasks. But the Bernard tapboxes
    only contain 10 Gramm and this is done with Schmazlers in a short period
    of time.

    The bricks from Poschl I fill in the flasks for longer freshness.

    SF and Schmalzler D from Poschl are horrid schmalzlers. I never really
    liked them. But they have a broad fanbase here in Germany.
  • Don't forget to try the Rosinski's schmalzlers (Oderlander and Frankfurter),excellent snuff!
    And yes,I agree with @Humppa they are best enjoyed back of the hand.

  • VayaVaya Member
    edited August 2020 PM
    @Humppa, I appreciated reading your comments. I, too, was aware that Gekachelter Virginie and Jubilaums are not Schmalzlers. I am surprised to hear that SteifePrise, Polar prise and Fichtennadel are not. But this is the beauty of online forums, I get to learn from others who have been at this longer than I have!

    So what youre saying is that the qualifier for a nasal tobacco to be considered a Schmalzler is that it contain Brazilian tobacco? I thought the main marker of a Schmalzler was its being oiled, hence the name (schmalz = grease, oil or fat).

    I also love Aecht altbayerischer Schmalzler very much, truly world class. Im also finding a lot of comfort in Bernards Brazil Doppelt Fermentiert. Such robust flavor profiles, I fear, are spoiling other varieties of snuff for me!

    Also, I think I agree with you about Schmalzler SF and D from Poschl being not that great Schmalzlers. I think the latter has more going for i, but is still too dry chalky sometimes. SF is far too artificially sweet and does not seem at last bound by a core of quality base tobacco.

    @tobaccobob thanks, Im a huuuuge fan of Rosinski snuffs. I have not seen Rosinski Schmalzlers listed on sites like MrSnuff and SnuffStore. Would I need to order directly from Rosinski, then?

    Thank you both for a wonderful conversation so far!
  • VayaVaya Member
    edited August 2020 PM
    Also, if Polar Prise and Fichtennadel are not Schmalzlers, is Bernards Winterpris one? I really like it.

    Additionally, does Schmalzler by Otto contain Brazilian tobacco?
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited August 2020 PM
    There is no menthol schmalzlers, there is half-schmalzlers(halb-schmalzlers in German) which are schmalzlers mixed with menthol snuff, Zwiefacher is an example of a half-schmalzler
  • @Vaya - to your questions. Schmalzler were called Schmalzler because they were made with Butterschmalz (Clearified butter) in the former days. The tobacco powder hab been bought at the "Kolonialwaren Laden" - Colonial Goods Store - taken at home and then added the Butterschmalz. From the Butterschmalz it got its name Schmalzler.

    Schmalzler need to contain brazilian tobacco. It gives the tobacco its typical taste. In the former days they added dried fruits like plums of the aroma, beside the tobacco.

    A brazilian cigar was a rather common thing in the former days. Dried out cigars were milled to snuff or even the plants were grown in the gardens. On the farms at vegetable garden was an extra place for the tobacco plants and they made snuff of it. Mostly it were the brazilian plants - at least here in Bavaria.

    I know this from my grandmother - she was born in 1918 and died in 2012. She lived on a farm and knew it well.
  • Thank you for all of the wonderful information!

    As lovers of Schmalzlers, how does Ottos offering compare to you? Do you enjoy it?
  • My understanding with the brasil/Brazil tobacco was the style of fermentation & storage rather than the specific country of origin. I recall reading the tobaccos from south America would be packed in the intestines or stomachs of water buffalo before shipped via the slow boat to Europe. The tobacco fermentating in the animal parts giving the distinctive 'brasil' tobacco qualities
  • msxmsx Member
    @ar47 you are correct on this. i am quite sure there is a discussion somewhere in the vaults of snuffhouse with source material which explains it this way
  • The word you are looking for is "mangotes". I surelly recomment reading how a true schmalzler is made. 
  • Checking back in. Toque stocked Rosinkis Oderlander and I bought a 3 gram pouch. The description is perfect. Sultanas, figs, quinces, rum, and whiskey. Its just lovely.
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