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My first try of a toque

I ordered a tin of toque quit yesterday just after lunch and it arrived at my front door first thing this morning, very impressive shipping speed, and this is in the UK. 
My previous sample of a plain unflavoured snuff was dholakia black, which i enjoyed a lot, which is also what attracted me to quit, have had about a dozen pinches of it up to now, and am loving its tobacco flavour, feels like a smooth sweet and deep tobacco. 
Am distinctly impressed by the twist top tin, feels study and was easy to open but felt like it would stay closed too. 
I think i will definitely be ordering some more, maybe a menthol flavoured one, or the SP extra, or both


  • I would suggest trying a good number of them:) the 6 for 5 or 10 for 9 deals are a nice deal for sampling. I think the SP Extra is really good.
  • Cool, thank you, I will have to do that, :)
  • For sure! They run a nice operation! If It sounds like your kind of thing, I think their fruit and menthol range is quite nice, too.
  • Thats good to hear, they are a good company. I was thinking that too, a menthol one, :)
  • I second the SP Extra on SP range - but the Lavender is a nice SP as well, IMO.

    When mentholated I can recommend the Blueberry Menthol. I am also a fan of the Cherry Menthol.

    If you only want something more sweetish, the Spanish Gem or Whiskey & Honey (both UK or USA versions) is good.

    Dang, you have a fair ammount of very good snuffs at Toque. You should sample, like almonst mentioned before.
  • Coincidentally, i was just looking at those, both whiskey and honey's, :)
  • Yeah, the blueberry menthol is maybe my favorite Toque fruit, cherry m, and the raspberry menthol as well. Also the Toque USA line is nice, too. I really like the citrus, the lime and the peach. Would kind of be nice if they had larger tins of those.
  • Thank you for those recommendations, will as them to my list, :)
  • No problem. I hope you find some that you really like!
  • Thank you, :)
  • For sure
  • Peach USA and Whiskey and Honey USA and probably my favorites.  Lavender is very nice as well.
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