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Toque First Order First Impressions

edited September 2020 in General
So, just to put this in context. I have been snuffing for well over twenty and I have mainly used WOS and Crystal's products however all you lot going on about Toque got me intrigued enough to try some. A day or two ago I ordered the following: Cheese and Bacon, Peppermint, Chocolate, Ginger and Menthol and today I have tried the lot, and I am seriously impressed. I like the tins very much, an improvement on the push caps for sure but its the product that I find truly inspiring. The flavours are exactly that; no overtones of this and that just pure flavour. The Ginger is a firm favourite (up their in my top three already) and the peppermint is sublime. I will definitely be ordering this snuff again. Well done Roderick and the Toque team, a worthy product.


  • I'm quite impressed by Toque Rustica and Toque Lime Toast, also OTTO Schmalzler.  The few others I've tried don't really have that staying power and tend to fade very fast, but these three are good.  There's nothing left to be desired or to be imagined.  It's all there

    No doubt there are others like this.  I just haven't tried them yet

    Cheers Sir_Rodney_Ffing
  • Thanks Guys, We try our best.  I must say I do challenge the team by insisting all our snuffs are 100 percent natural.  I'm a bit of an old hippy that way and would be organic if the growers could only comply. 
  • I like that philosophy Roderick! Pretty much mine too :)
  • edited September 2020 PM
    Yeah, thumbs up from me as well Roderick. By the way, a mix of the menthol and choclate is first class.

  • Toque Violet is great. And plenty of staying power!
  • I still have to try the peppermint and lavender mixed together. Maybe would be good with some catnip fragrance as well.
  • @jarartaBot Just ordered a tin of violet, will leave a little review. As for my previous order here are my marks for each out of ten. Cheese and Bacon 5 / 10. Nice if you enjoy cold bacon sanwich. Peppermint 7 / 10 A worthy snuff but not quite an all day. Ginger 7.5/ 10 A game changer, lovely Choclate 9\10 Good on its own but seriously wonderfull when mixed with menthol. Menthol, one of the best 10/10

    New order.Viol
  • Violet, Blueberry Menthol

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