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Drupadi Snuffs from Indonesia

With the pandemic, Indonesia's international postal services have almost completely broken down, which means I haven't been able to order from Mr Snuff since about March. I've made a serious dent in my stock over the year, I'm now down to my last kilo or so. In desperation, I did a search for snuff on Indonesia's big online shopping service, only to find a local producer selling a range of five different types, under the brand name Drupadi. One of them is a clove, another a fruity mint, the third a strong mint, while the last two are natural tobacco. With a bit of research, I found that they are produced from a good tobacco shop based in Central Java which specializes in reasonably good local cigars and pipe tobaccos.

I figured my safest bet was to try the two natural tobacco varieties first. The first one was called Kuwera, a fairly light but likeable medium grind, medium moist product with a good, clean, fairly neutral tobacco flavor. Not bad.

The second one was called Yama, made out of a local spice tobacco called Srintil which some people smoke in a pipe. Straight, it's a bit over the top, bitter and with a smoky texture that seems to stick in your throat, although it's good mixed. And that was true of the snuff, too. In fact, I found a mix of 75% Kuwera, 25% Yama resulted in an excellent, interesting, quite unique snuff that I could easily use regularly throughout the day.

I would prefer a slightly finer, drier grind, and I generally like high nic snuffs like Dholakia White. This doesn't quite meet that standard for me, but it's certainly a very creditable local product.

Here's a link to the online shop, although I doubt they'll be able to handle international orders, particularly not until we re-establish some sort of connections with the outside world. But for interest's sake, here it is:
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