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Travelling With Snuff

I travel a lot for work. I find snuff hard to bring on the road and a few times I've had to buy some cigarettes because snuff was just too inconvenient, but since I started snuffing a couple of months ago I don't really like cigarettes anymore so this is quite the issue. How do you guys like to take your snuff on the road, for me I like tap boxes but I can't find any refillable tap boxes so I've just been using snuff that comes in tap boxes, the only problem is most of my favorite snuffs do not come in tap boxes, i heard about snuff launchers and just ordered a couple hopefully that will work, but if anyone knows where i can buy tap boxes or has any other advice I'd love to hear it. 


  • volungevolunge Member
    edited September 2020 PM
    When out or on a trip, I usually use snus or nicotine pouches. It's more convenient and discreet.

    Some tap boxes are reusable - you can easily open them, cleanse/wash and refill with the snuff of your choice. All Bernards, Samuel Gawith and Gawith Hoggarth 10 grammers, Poschl Red Bull, Lowenprise, Gawith Apricot (Original), round twist 5 grammers - Ozona, Toque Silver Dollar, WoS, F&T and Dr. Rumney's... Peel off the label stickers, if you find them annoying. Remaining glue material can be cleaned with pure ethanol.
  • I agree with @volunge - many of the tap boxes are refillable. I like the Poschl boxes the most. They can be put apart with a flathead screwdriver or a knife tip. Clean it with handwarm water and let it air out over night. The Bernards are refillable as well, but the plastic uses to break easier than the Poschl ones. The round Ozona, WoS and SDs an also be opened, but they are a little harder to close properly. The aromas use to fade away faster than in the other ones.

    With aluminium boxes it can corrode when getting wet with water - just xlean it with a towel and let it air out for some time.
  • @volunge I tried snus when I first quit smoking and it was barely tolerable, so I'd like to avoid that if at all possible. I didn't know that the tap boxes could be opened that makes my life a bit easier thanks for that tip.
  • @humppa thanks for the tip on which boxes to try i have a bunch of different ones to chose from but none are empty yet, gonna have to do my best to finally finish a box of snuff lol.
  • It may not be a bad idea to keep labels on if you are traveling in airports, I assume its easier to explain why you have a brown powder if questioned.
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