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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Viking Scotch Dark

Have not seen a review of it yet. So I thaught, I should start a descussion.

The Viking Scotch Dark is a really nice treat. It is medium coarse and moist and deeply black in colour. The flour and the taste reminds me very much of the former, no longer produced, Gawith Hoggarth Kendal Brown, which I did like very much: pure tobacco with a deep wood-like taste. The Viking Scotch Dark is a very satisfying snuff for me. I like it. 


  • Just ordered some of this, as well as some of the other more recent Viking additions. I cant wait to post my thoughts!
  • I have a tin of this as well, and agree that it is a very satisfying snuff. Campfire and smoked kippers are the main scents I get from it. My only complaint was that the grind was a little course for my liking, so I put it in my mini grinder to make it slightly finer. After that, it was perfect. IMO it's not one for all-day use; I got a headache from taking it too many times in a day. But as a nice treat after a satisfying meal, it can't be beat!
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