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Plain snuff recommendations

Another newbie request from me! Would like to hear any recommendations the community have for plain snuffs preferably with a highish nicotine content. Thanks!


  • There are quite a few. Which grind and moisture level do you prefer?

    Also, check this old thread on this forum:

  • Ideally a fine grind and medium moisture would be my preference but happy to try coarse and moist. Thanks for the link I'll check it out.
  • Ascending in potency, particle size and moisture level: Wilsons of Sharrow Plain, SWS Fifty Fifty, Viking Thor's Hammer.

    Extra coarse, extra moist and extra strong South African snuffs Taxi Red and NTSU Black are currently unavailable.

  • Perhaps SG Red Crest?
  • Thank @volunge and @Mr_O for both your recommendations.
  • For sure!
  • Sometimes I yearn just for a straight tobacco snuff
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited October 2020 PM
    Luckily, there's a nice assortment, even many different types of plain snuffs. Most high dry toasts (their names will help you to sort them out - for instance, Lime Toast obviously doesn't qualify as plain) and non-sweetened American Dry Scotches, all Madras snuffs are plain, but more or less nutty, smoky, roasty or even close to being charred (FUBAR Toasted). Many Indian whites (bar 6P Cheeta and Dholakia fauna line) and guls (those two available at and are plain, too. Dholakia Sparrow is plain and strong, if you don't find extra fine dust too challenging to take; mind you, grind-wise it's on a par with Indian whites. Black (Dark) Rappees are literally all black and messy, described as coarse or even extra coarse by many. Bernard Kownoer, Kendal Brown Plain / Viking Brown, Scotch Dark and Viking Dark are very close to rappee. Toque has its Plain as well, and Rustica with its outstanding herbaceous vibe; worth checking out Roderick's Quit, Bourbon and Kentucky Bourbon, if you don't mind a whiff of spirits on a plain base; Silver Dollar Natural and Scotch, too). Then there are some plain, oiled German snuffs - Bernard Alt Offenbacher Kostlich, Civette and Gekachelter Virginie. There's even a pretty much plain schmalzler - Bernard's Aecht Altbayerischer, with just a whiff of molasses, vinegar and subtle smokiness. Indians also add oil to some snuffs - 6P LA Natural and its close relative FUBAR Snafu Plain are plain oiled rustica snuffs. Neffa Ifrikia is Maghreb type non-oiled rustica snuff. And, certainly, you can find some plains in the artisan snuff category. Read the descriptions of all SWS products, and you'll discover some plain gems, hidden behind probably-not-so-descriptive names, like St. James Parish Blend, Lundy Foot (a tribute to Irish Blackguard - the old name of genuine Irish High Toast) etc.. Rosinski makes some plain snuffs, too - Ochsenkopf, Uckermarker and, if my memory serves me right, something in his green snuff line, perhaps Driesener or Nordisch Grun...
  • That is a good list there. volunge mentioned the SNAFU Plain and the La 6, great options for a high nic plain, ground fine. You can get a great deal for the price with a larger tub of the La 6.
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