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Using wet wipes?

Im talking about cleaning nose with those antibacterial cotton-like wipes. Do you ever use them for cleaning inside of nostrils? I tried it quite a few times and it feels way more comfortable, my nose feels less dry than when using regular wipes. Im curious whats your opinion, and if it is okay in the long run?


  • I'm not sure if those contain alcohol but then obviously they'd dry out your sinuses.  I've done that a bit on the outside of my nose, but just lightly and when I couldn't get all of the mess off with my handkerchief

    I always worry about pushing things into my nose due to the possibility of pushing snuff further back in my nose, so I don't do it
  • @Gormur I hear what you saying, indeed alcohol containing wipes could be too irritating. Recently bought basic water-soaked ones, description says they are suitable for intimate parts due to ballanced pH, dermatologically tested (even biodegradable!).

    My nose have tendency to cake up with snuff easily from time to time. A small pile of it can sometimes randomly fall off my nose - gross! Seems like those wet wipes helps me much with that after excessive snuffing sessions.
  • GormurGormur Member
    edited October 2020 PM
    I had a nose run because I probably snuffed too much and grabbed a flushable wipe on the toilet.  It seemed to work but after a couple hours my nose was kind of dried out.  Even though the packet says it doesn't contain harmful alcohol (it says which kind it does contain but I can't be bothered to type it out) it does contain alcohol of some kind, which dries out skin

    Now I got into the habit of wiping condensation off cold water bottles and carrying that around.  Much safer
  • Why don't you just find a snuff which gives you alot of forward drip and use that when you need to stimulate your nose to clean itself?
  • There could very well be stuff in them that you dont really want to use internally, alcohol or not.
  • I swear by a Neti-pot.  Nice warm saline solution.  You can't go wrong.

  • I like the Neti–Pot too very much as well. Also I have to alternate if wiping nose between uses and such with baby wipes. Most have lanolin in it and helps with constant wiping and rubbing when you have
    Snotter-Falls or messy snuff face. Less abrasion from cloths and paper towels, tissues and less particles from tissues. Feels cool and no abrasions. :-)
  • AlKindiSnuffAlKindiSnuff Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    I want that Navage nose full auto neti pot lol
    Had something similar in past but took a crap on me. New one looks nicer.
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