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Cutting Strong Snuff

RusRus Unconfirmed
I'm fairly new to snuff, and I've been experimenting with a variety of makers. I really like the smokey, less perfumy-sweet snuffs: WoS Irish No. 22, SWS Latakia Blend, SWS Lundy Foot. However, I'm finding that some of my favorites in terms of scent and texture are way too strong in terms of nicotine. I don't feel that I'm getting my full enjoyment out of snuff if I can't take more than one tiny hit without feeling a little bit poisoned. I've tried blending them with other snuffs, such as Toque Berwick Brown or WoS Best Dark, but the scent of the preferred snuff is adulterated. Is there a way to cut strong snuffs without masking the scent? I'm thinking about trying Viking Blond for this purpose. Has anyone tried this? I see that most posters in Snuffhouse are looking for more nic, not less, but surely someone out there is a softy like me. 


  • volungevolunge Member
    edited October 2020 PM
    We are facing a problem here - a lack of low potency plain snuffs on the market. Dare I say it, there's pretty much no demand for them...

    Least potent toast is SG Irish D, it should blend fairly well with WoS Irish No.22. Blonde, while being the mildest among Vikings, can still be too strong for you; besides, I'm not sure if it's still the same as it used to be (Vikings are probably made by different manufacturer now).

    I haven't tried Bernard Civette and Alt Offenbacher Kostlich, but judging from their composition (both are non-alkalized), they shouldn't exceed low-to-medium strength. I can bet they deliver just a wee bit of nicotine. I would love to be corrected, tho, because plain snuffs are my go-to, and the single reason I still haven't tried Civette and AOK is this presentiment of their low potency...

    You can make your own "soft" snuff from Oriental tobacco varieties, skipping the addition of alkalizers. Consider using only the midrib part of the leaf, if you aim for "extra soft". Using whole leaf or lamina, don't grind it too fine; midribs should be ground fine, otherwise you might find it too choky. Or order bespoke plain extra weak snuff from Roderick, explaining your needs in-detail (ask for a plain, additives-free, non-alkalized snuff made from low-nicotine tobacco with just a tad of sodium chloride). If you find it too "soft" for your liking, use it for cutting the stronger ones.
  • RusRus Unconfirmed
    Thanks, volunge. I'll check out the Bernards. I'm reluctant to try the SG Irish D because Mr. Snuff seems to be liquidating their stock of SG, and I've read that what's left might be old. Don't know if this is true or if it even matters how old snuff is, but I don't feel like risking the $15.00 shipping cost if it's not a pretty sure thing. 
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