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Moroccan Snuff Is No More

RoderickRoderick Member
edited October 2020 in General
I am so sorry to be the barer of such tragic news.  

By chance, last Wednesday, I was in the taxi of a Moroccan driver.  We got chatting and long story short he had been an export/import manager in Casablanca. We exchanged phone/email and over the next few days I told him I was looking for Moroccan snuff.  We had a meeting today and he confirmed the sad news that Altidas Tabac had stopped making snuff in 2018.

We are now going into talks with them to make a small batch for me.  If they can't ,we are asking to buy the recipes and their equipment, with the intention to either manufacture in Morocco or move manufacturing to the Isle of Man.

Wish me luck.


  • For sure, good luck!
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited October 2020 PM
    I was just about to suggest launching a side line of World Snuff, @Roderick.

    Iceland, Maghreb, South Africa, Amazonia etc. has their own specialities, unique snuffs, which are either impossible (pretty much) to procure outside the country of manufacture (Icelandic ATVR neftobak) or their supply is irregular (South African snuffs) / pricing is too odd (Neffa) / quality is dubious (Amazonian rapeh). Thankfully, there's no shortage of Indian snuffs, but I'm sure snuff-taking community would be interested in Toque's take on some Indian snuff genres - white snuff, Madras, to mention but a few. Or, should I rather say, a tribute to them.

    Surely, this World Snuff line could host American Dry Scotch. Current supply doesn't meet the demand.
  • To ease the sourcing of raw Moroccan tobacco - snuff varieties are cultivated in Agadir prefecture.
  • LOVE IT!!!
  • Good luck Toque! :)>-
  • @Roderick

    Here's to your successfully obtaining everything you need to add this snuff to the Toque line .
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