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Question Regarding Tin Corrosion and Decanting

I apologize for the hassle, but, I had a quick question for you guys.

Have you had any issues with tin corrosion/oxidation in the Sir Walter Scott tins that have been released within the past five years?  Recently, I lost about 250 grams of F&T snuff that been in the old-school white tubes.  The blends were moister snuffs (Princes, Princes Special, and Santo Domingo) that were in unopened tubes.  The tubes began to oxidize internally and the 'gasket' material on the lid degraded, leaving lots of gray and white particles in the snuffs.  For years, I have experienced similar issues/losses with sealed WoS's tins that rusted on the inside.  To reduce these problems, I began to decant WoS tins into glass jars and pour F&T snuffs into plastic bags that I twisted shut and sealed in the original tins.  Now, I want to see if anyone has had issues with oxidation/rust inside of SWS's newer tins (I had an issue with a SWS tin many years ago, but, I wasn't sure if the oxidation issue had been remedied since then).  Like my pipe tobacco tins, I keep SWS tins in sealed bags with desiccant packets.  Yet, while this prevents exterior rusting, it will do nothing for the inside of the tin if internal corrosion is an issue.  I am leery of opening the SWS tins unnecessarily because the moister snuffs need to be refrigerated immediately (creating more fridge clutter), but, I don't want to let the inside of the tin rust away, thus ruining the snuff.  Any input that you guys have regarding newer SWS tins will be greatly appreciated.


  • I guess glass or tiny rubber lined capped glass jars would be best I fear the same thing with tins. Recently I been wondering if the newair 250 or newair 500 would be good to store only snuff on in decanted plastic or glass jars to keep them all in a surrounding of optimal temp and humidity. Mentioned a couple times hopefully to get some input. Would be awesome if it worked worth the money. Just waiting on some input before I buy 1 or 2 to store snuff in. But on SWS so far a decant into glass jars a size that fits the grams amount perfectly. They make kool little tiny mason jars with rubber gasket lids and also screw on rubber lined lids.
  • I personally never had problems with SWS or FT containers, so far....(fingers crossed) but I usually decant immediately into glass jars with good rubber lined lids/caps or tiny mason jars with gasket lids as mentioned above.
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