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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Snuffs you enjoy Mixing/Blending?

AlKindiSnuffAlKindiSnuff Member
edited November 2020 in General
Favorite Snuffs to custom Mix/Blend to sniff? And what are you Mixing/Blending together and using now?
I just did a 60/40 blend of these:
Paul Gotard • Irish Cream •&• FUBAR • Bohica
And lastly next before bed will be a 60/40 blend of:
Paul Gotard • ChocoMint •&• FUBAR • Bohica
I really enjoy mixing these!


  • 50/50 mix of:

    Wow! • Coffee Bite
    Dholakia • Black
  • Last pinch mix before bed, 50/50 mix of:

    Fubar • RnR
    Viking • Persica
  • Chasing after the brilliant, skillfully blended, beautiful and delicious: Old Mill • Nocturne
    with a 50/50 mix of:

    F&T • HIgh Dry Toast
    WoS • Irish No.22
  • 50/50
    FUBAR • Bohica
    WoS • Chili Chocolate
  • 60/40 mix:
    Toque • Vanilla
    Ottto • Glacier
  • AlKindiSnuffAlKindiSnuff Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    Neti–Pot, now all cleaned out for a interesting blend of these in my daily travel SnuffBox:

    FUBAR • Bohica
    Paul Gotard • Irish Cream
    Paul Gotard • Chocolate
    Molens de Kralingse • Choco-Creme
    Very VERY......Nice!... :D
  • JohanoJohano Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    @AlKindisnuff how much Bohica do u usually add into mix by parts? I feel like adding more than 25:100 is too much, Im a bit worried I could ruin other snuff
  • AlKindiSnuffAlKindiSnuff Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    Hey pal :-) I think you can do more than your 25:100 if you’d like to should be fine :) I get a pea size or larger size of each snuff if I do a mix of 3-4 snuffs then put it in my small coin snuff box and give it a shake. Then dip in on it once that’s done.
    If I only do two snuffs to blend example:
    I do 60% or a bit more if wanted of other chosen snuff with remainder 40% Bohica Depending also on flavors strengths of aromas if one is a weaker aroma then if add a bit more, also can be subjective too. I would try it in small snuff box first as I grab from main stash and refill my daily snuff boxes & snuff coins. Also you can just get a touch of each on your fingers and mix and rub fingers while snuffin’ it in to get a feel for the aroma. I rarely mix full jars of a couple a few snuffs. Unless I know for sure. Usually I’ll buy a few
    Dholakia • Swiss Chocolate tubs and a bunch of Poschl • Gletscherprise and Gletscherprise Gold &\or Gletscherprise Nachfullbox to mix. I will do about 10g to 15g Swiss chocolate mixed in Amber jar with 20g of of either one of the Gletscherprise snuffs. Give it a test mix in a small snuff box as too much of one may be too much or less for my taste vs. yours. But I think you can add a little more than 25.100. I always test ratios a few times in snuff boxes first then once I get best ratio I just do numbers think in’ and come with relative closeness in ratio to fully mix in a larger batch if you’d like too. It’s pretty fun sorry for long drug out response but yeah my friend do a small test of aromas in snuff box or medium box mix and shake a bit, test ratio you will be surprised sometimes by how much in some mixes less is more and Vice Versa. Let me know what you test and if it floats your boat. Very fun I love this hobby,passion... and... addiction. LOL
    Also as well this snuff community is wonderful bunch of great friends,people. Also if anyone else has great blends/mixes ratios as well please share very fun and interesting. Also trying a method of food grade oils smeared a bit under cap of stored snuffs I only open a bit often to fill daily or nightly use boxes to use. To keep them moist. Salted butter as well smeared a bit on too. On snuffs that WILL be used more often. To keep moist snuffs moist. Have a few test Amber bottles with snuff trying now. We’ll see what happens. Thanks to Roderick being kind and helping me with so many questions. He said butter can be mixed in just a little bit in daily snuff boxes so make sure to use quickly for your daily snuff box. The food grade oils under cap smeared a bit will be for longer kinda storage for snuff jars that need open every now and then to refill small daily use snuff boxes. Now I am trying salted butter in one long storage snuff jar in fridge with the ones with food grade oils. Cold should keep butter ok so won’t go rancid. Also have did butter in daily snuff boxes while at work all day and into the evening. It works!
  • @Johano
    I hope this makes sense lol I had a long tiring day some brain fog now lol and hope I did ok explanation of testing and ratios,if not feel free to ask anything else or for me to clarify more.
  • AlKindiSnuffAlKindiSnuff Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    Equal Parts of:

    WoS • Irish D.H. Toast No.20
    F&T • High Dry Toast
    WoS • Irish No.22

  • WoS • Chili Chocolate
    FUBAR • Bohica
  • Very Nice!!!

    WoS • Bee M
    McChrystals • Aztek :-bd
  • Viking Dark x Toque Chocolate USA (3:1)
  • Nice! Need to give that a go.
  • Toque • Whiskey & Honey (USA)
    Old Mill • Black Velvet
  • Bernard — Zwiefacher
    Otto — Glacier
  • JohanoJohano Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    6 Photo Mysore Sandalwood x HM toasted rustica :) (1:1)
    @AlKindiSnuff whats Black Velvet like, its discontinued right?
  • AlKindiSnuffAlKindiSnuff Member
    edited November 2020 PM

    Yes it was one of Chef Daniels Old Mill creations I bought a bunch of snuff from him and he threw in a couple more snuffs for me Black Velvet was one of them. Using very sparingly as I am pretty much out of his creations I have about between 3-7 grams of a few left. Black Velvet opens up with a citrusy peel note kinda odd, but good. Very nice!
    Coffee bean notes are there, also a herbal kinda vibe maybe bay leaf to my nose.
    Coffee notes getting more pronounced that are wonderful and tobacco varietal aromas really kick in well. Quality leafs. It’s a darker snuff medium grind I’d say & medium high moisture. Which it is still moist but not as moist as when I received it long ago so I must be doing something rite since it is still moist just a lil’ bit less moist not much moisture loss just a tad bit.
    And aromas are all there still. Not a snuff with tons of ingredients but has great tobacco varietals very very nice and that orange or tangerine rhine maybe lemon as well vibe is odd but very nice especially once that settles down the great coffee & Chicory aroma and tobacco’s shine thru. I also get a small small small... hint of liquor to my nose but just enough. Hope this was a good explanation lol sad I won’t be able to get more of this fine artisan snuff. Sorry for late reply had a long long workday
  • AlKindiSnuffAlKindiSnuff Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    Toque • Vanilla
    Otto • Glacier
  • 60/40...
    McChrystals • Wee Dram
    F&T • HDT
  • Toque • Ambrosia
    Goodnight... I-)
  • JohanoJohano Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    @AlKindiSnuff wow, thats interesting. Sounds really nice to my nose, even tho I am a simple guy when it comes to snuff flavours. I doubt that there are as many artisan snuff makers these days, which is a shame. Theres lot of know-how in snuff making that can only come with years of experience I guess.
  • Yeah Old Mill is wonderful all I owned/own/tried. What a loss to us all. I have very little left, enjoyed every use of them greatly! Sad the man himself and his creations will be forever missed. I also truly like Rosinski too great snuff. Different vibes but still very good. Yeah it is a process for sure to make snuff, a lot of TLC and know how.

    Wow! • American Caramel
    Poschl • Gletscherprise
  • Paul Gotard • Irish Cream
    Wow! • American Caramel
  • A nice mix of:
    Toque • Vanilla
    Dholakia • Swiss Chocolate
  • F&T • Dr. JR Justice — Good Night I-)
  • 1:1 mix of Sugandh Sagar and 6P's MG Madras, will give you a fantastic all-day snuff. Smoky and Rose flavour. My desert island blend.
  • @bolbam420
    Sounds like I nice aroma\flavor I’m gonna have to try more Indian Snuffs.
  • 1:1 Blend of:
    Taxi - Green
    Poschl - Gletscherprise Gold
  • I don't mix snuff but I add scent or flavor to them. Well I correct myself a bit. The Sandalwood from 6 photo is incredibly strong so I add little scoops of it to plain toast types like WoS 22 or FandT High Dry. I used to add menthol crystals to dark moist ones like SG London Brown.
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