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Snuff usage in Movies/Films

Never see Snuff used in TV/Movies/Films... Have you? Only seen it used in Inglorious Basterds, used by Brad Pitts character, Lt. Aldo "The Apache" Raine
Looked like a WW2 Germany emblem snuff box. He’s snuffed from.


  • I don't recall watching one, but mentionings of snuff is very common in older literature, including... books for children/teens. My point is, there are ecranisations of quite a few.

    Some years ago I was reading Dr. Dolittle to my kid and a smile worked its way across my face when I got to the part where a pungent black snuff (a rappee, perhaps) was mentioned. There are numerous mentions of snuff in Otfried Preussler's (German children's books author) works. The Robber Hotzenplotz, probably most widely known book by this author, is one of them. There were at least two ecranisations, but I haven't seen any.

    Despite snuff being unavailable in my country (actually, even banned since 1994), I knew about its existence since my early days through books. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say I was all pre-set for taking snuff, when my classmate offered me a pinch 25 years ago.
  • Very neat info thanks my friend
  • S31 E08 “Thanksgiving of Horror” from the Simpsons, Chief Wiggum takes boxcars of snuff and chases a family of turkeys.
  • HumppaHumppa Member
    edited December 2020 PM
    There is a very old bavarian / german comedy series called Koeniglich Bayerisches Amtsgericht (Royal Bavrian Courthouse in english) where the judge and the to polieman as well as many other use to take snuff frequently.

    Maybe you can find something online. But Koniglich written with the o at the two dots.

    I just checked out YT - there are several episodes.

  • @Humppa
    Thanks for this info pal :)
  • @Stoveburn

    Thanks as well
  • JohanoJohano Member
    edited December 2020 PM
    Theres already a thread somewhere on snuffhouse, there are quite a few examples. Also, maybe not a movie, but a footage of our polish former prime minister. He was given a snuff by kaszebe folks from traditional horn, while they were singing cassubian song about snufftaking :)
  • The Netflix show Bridgeton ep.2 has Queen Charlotte using not 1 but 2 kinds of snuff.
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