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Off gassing snuff

So i just had a bit of surprise. I went to open a mason jar of toque natural toast for a pinch after about 6 months of storage, and as soon as the band was unscrewed the lid blew off and flew across the room, covering me in about 5gs worth of the stuff. I can only imagine it was from residual ammonia buildup pressurizing the container. This happened before with a jar of whiskey an honey, but nowhere near as powerful as this time.



  • Wow! :) How much TNT and W&H were in the jar before the blast? Was it a regular W&H or the USA one? And were the jars filled to the rim or was there some empty space?
  • SnuffalufagisSnuffalufagis Member
    edited November 10 PM
    It was ~50g in the jar, about 3/4 full. Same with the w&h original, although i have a jar of USA I might crack open and find out lol

    The worst part is i was sitting down in my recliner, with nothing to try and salvage it nearby, like a piece of paper or something.
  • JohanoJohano Member
    edited November 10 PM
    OMG haha, flying snuff. That made my day. Im sorry for your loss sir. Consider opening that jar of Toque Champagne on new years eve snuffers :D
  • ALLexALLex Member
    edited November 30 PM
    It happend to me too! The same thing!

    Opened an almost a year old jar of like 80 grams of Toque Natural Toast. 

    Jar was filled almost to the top.

    When i opened it it blew of the lid and a lot of snuff everywhere as well.

    lol it was funny

    Now I am curious to learn what really happened. I wouldnt expect something like that from a dry toast due to the little moisture of the snuff.

    The snuff inside the jar has a slighty weird smell now, so i left the jar open to air it off a little.

    @Roderick  Is it safe to use this snuff?

  • I had some and it was fine. I truly believe it was from the anaerobic fermentation process that was occuring in the sealed jar. The dry snuff was decaying and creating gasses from the breakdown of VOCs in the tobacco that usually occurs within a few days or weeks with a moist snuff. It did change the overall profile a bit. I had a tin that hadnt been sealed I found to compare.
  • Sorry to be so late to the party.  Yes, that happens when you have really fresh snuff. If, before storing, you air it for a couple of hours, longer if it is a large quantity you won't have this problem. 

    The worst incidence, I had a bit of a laugh at, was back in our early days when we first started doing economy bags.  Not giving it a second thought we sent a bag of grapefruit to a customer in Florida. 

    A couple of weeks later that customer emailed to say they hadn't received their order and a couple of weeks after that we got part of an exploded envelope in a sealed US customs bag.  I can't remember exactly what the message was, but it was along the lines of the officer who was trying to open what looked like a package with a balloon inside, exploded covering him and the room in snuff.  If I was to ever send this again it might end in a prosecution.  

    We experimented and discovered that Grapefruit and ammonia go into secondary fermentation if stored in economy bags for a couple of weeks.  This is why, to this day, we don't sell Grapefruit in economy bags.
  • ALLexALLex Member
    edited November 30 PM
    Hey @Roderick thanks for the reply!

    Thats interesting and funny as well!

    I was planning to order 400g Natural Toast economy bag and now i know i have to air it out first (maybe for a day) before i put it in a mason jar.

    Thanks for the tip.

    So is it still safe to sniff  my "explosive" natural toast?
    Will the slightly weird smell go away by airing it out ? 

    Thanks in advance
  • Yes, It should be fine.  However, if it has a funny fermented smell let me know and I will send a replacement.
  • I'll have to decant some and see if the smell returns to normal as well. It definitely had a different scent straight from the jar.
  • Was it a pleasant scent, or more on the funky side? I realize weird is unusual, non-typical. The reason why I ask, I suspect that anaerobic storage might spoil snuff in long term. Some really old SG vac tins I got (4+ years) with vac seal intact smelled too funky, very unpleasant, literally stale. I couldn't use them, airing out didn't help.

    Also, spontaneous off-gasing might be an explation why odd SG tin arrives without a vacuum seal.
  • @volunge it was a very unpleasant, funky smell. To me it smells like it has some mold in it. I know it doesnt but the character of the snuff did really change compared to a half empty tin of natural toast i have.

    So should we store snuff in not so tight closed mason jars  or even i slightly unscrewed lid mason jars?
    Or we should periodically open the jars to let the snuff breathe for some hours and then close them back to storage?
  • I have no experience – I don't store snuff. One thing for sure, though - sub-zero temperature should halt secondary or anaerobic fermentation. The freezer.
  • So after 3 days airing out my TNT is fine. It is very much like it was when it arrived, just a little more rounded out. Id even say buttery? I also checked on my other stored snuffs and they all seem to be fine as well.
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