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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Pipe snuff?

So Samuel Gawith and  Gawith Hoggarth make snuff and pipe tobacoo. Would say Kendal Brown pipe tobacoo ground up be the same as Kendal Brown snuff?


  • I can tell you that SG Grousemoor PT is totally different from Grousemoor snuff. Not sure if they make either anymore, though.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    I haven't tried any SG/GH pipe tobacco, but to make snuff of similar potency to KB, you would need to add a copious amount of alkalizer, probably potassium carbonate. I would start from 8%. Fresh KB is pretty moist, I never measured the water content, but it's at least 25% (probably higher, up to 35%). Consider using fire cured tobacco and adding a splash of lemon juice or (and) a drop of lemon essential oil (not more than 1 drop per 10 g snuff). I would use 0.3 mm mesh for such project.

    It is highly possible that genuine recipe calls for a combination of various alkalizers. For comparison, here's a link to the composition of Feinster Kownoer, German snuff, pretty similar to KB (but less potent):

    Note, water content is over 32%, total amount of salts (including sodium chloride and tiny amount of ammonia water) is close to 13%.
  • Kendal Brown pipe tobacco is not the same as Kendal Brown snuff. I believe the Kendal Brown snuffs (as well as all the other dark coarse SG snuffs) are fermented in some sort of brine solution whereas the pipe tobaccos are clearly not.

    Now Elmos I'm certain is just ground up 1792. I think they take all the leftovers and crumbs from making 1792 and just grind it all up into Elmos.
  • Had a nice laugh imagining that they made it to sell off scraps then invented some phoney back story about a guy and his dog. Manager be like you go find a good flavor for this shake... and you go invent a story. Hurry up before someone notices
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