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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Wilson's offers

At the time of writing 28th November 2020 Wilson's Of Sharrow have a couple of deals on their own website. 12 small tins of Spear (spearmint) for 2.50 GBP and 12 random assorted small tins for 4.80 GBP.  You will have to be in the UK though, and it's free delivery on orders over 20.00 GBP. 


  • volungevolunge Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    Also, a bunch of WoS small 5 g tins are available at a reduced price on

    It seems that WoS are discontinuing their 5 g non-tap tins (5 g tap tins are staying).

    And from now on WoS Dr. Rumney's and Singleton's Super Cool are available in medium (10 g) and large (25 g) tins.
  • Thanks for the heads up @volunge.. Will see what mysmokingshop have got.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    Cheers, pal. Just be careful, most of them 5-grammers might be on the dry side now (especially dark moist ones). But confidence can be safely placed in Irish #22 or florals / perfumed ones, which can be used for mixing even when they are dried-out. And I would definitely order a few of those assorted sets directly from the Mill, if I only were in the UK.
  • HuysmansHuysmans Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    I bought the 12 assorted 5g tins and they were all fresh with with 2019 or 2020 production dates. It was a good mix of SPs, florals and menthols. I wrote to them and they confirmed they are discontinuing the 5g tins so probably selling the excess off quickly.
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