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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

American scotch

Really been loving this W. E Garrett American scotch, I can also buy it locally which is very nice.


  • You're lucky to have them local!  Are you in the south?  Do you ever see Checkerberry?  I have been trying to get a hold of Checkerberry for YEARS.

    Seeing snuff on a store shelf in America is on my bucket list. I want to take a trip to the south just to walk into a grocery store and take a gander.

    That said, all American scotches taste the same to me!  Very "campfire" forward.  I love them, I just can't tell them apart.

    Side Note: W.E. Garrett was among the first 10 trademarks granted in the US, and is the oldest trademark still in use. The history of snuff runs deep, even in our young country.
  • I just bought some garrett the other day, it's hard to find many kinds of snuff around here. I love garrett, used to keep some in the car for when I needed it, now I got it in the house, i almost ran out of Bruton, another scotch snuff I like a lot, ever tried the Brut?
  • Bruton snuff is made here in Nashville, Tennessee and even here is impossible to find for sale.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 2021 PM

    Some stores in Tennessee, where you can purchase nasal snuff, as reported by folks on r/nasalsnuff:

    ( ; not specified, which snuffs those vendors carry - worth giving them a phone call before actually going there)


    • Sweetwater Tobacco Store "next to save-a-lot"

    • Knoxville - Big T Tobacco

    • Murfreesboro - Humidor

    • Pigeon Forge - Tobacco Town

  • found mine in the midwest at lowbobs tobacco (bruton)
  • @volunge Thank you! I just started a new job in Murfreesboro - I'll have to check out what they carry and report back.
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