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Classic Tin-Same Great Taste

What is the worst smelling snuff that you have ever tried?

Ntsu black takes the #1 spot for me. It smells like a horse stable which hasn't been cleaned up for a year. Ntsu green and Taxi red are also up there, but they are still better than Ntsu black.


  • Wilson's of Sharrow Ylang Ylang.  Caused an immediate gag reflex.  It smelled like bile to me and my body reacted accordingly.
  • @Okka

    NTSU does take some getting used to.......
  • Cheese and Bacon!  

    Why was I persuaded to make this evil snuff?  And why do 50% love it and the other 50% hate it, just like me?
  • JohanoJohano Member
    edited December 2020 PM
    @Roderick - Toque is probably the most honest company I ever seen. You just discouraged me to try it :D

    6P Krisham Sudama so far. Im still not sure if I spelled it right, but I dont really care. Seems like not everyone get waterless public toilet vibes from this one, but thats the best matching description for me.
  • Wise decision Johano.  Don't let any of those crazy C&B fans persuade you to risk it.
  • 6Photo Krisham Sudama. Smells like chemo toilette.
  • White Elephant and Toque Rustica. I used to snuff straight Toque Rustica and nothing else, but I have since dropped my nicotine intake down considerably and use a wide variety of snuff. I once took several pinches of Rustica, then got in the car with my mother and she asked me if the rabbit pissed on my clothing LOL. God only knows how many people I offended with that stuff, they were just too polite to say anything.
  • @SnuffScape You introduced a new paranoia to me. I'm an idiot and never realized others can smell what's in my nose. :S
  • @Johano You have to try Toque Cheese & Bacon!  
  • Dholakia Black/D Medicated.
  • Being honest - it is the F&T Princess

    The rose smell is just too heavy. I do not like that at all.
  • @Humppa I actually like the smell. But as the most F&T it is really too heavy. Like sniffing perfume. I tried all F&T but only like Santo, Hdt and Old Paris.

    @Okka Ntsu is really heavy at the beginning. But I discover it new from day to day. Today I can smell honey and chocolate from it.
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