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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Getting used to menthols

I've got a small selection of Wilson's of Sharrow 5g menthols and a tapbox of the Gawith Original. I'm finding them really difficult to take as my nose runs a lot and I keep sneezing. A very different experience to the toasts and SPs that are my usual diet. I'd really like to appreciate menthols. If you have had this experience did your nose eventually get used to them?


  • Keep in mind I'm only about a month or so into snuff, but I have noticed that if I overdo menthols, my nose actually clogs up more than if I use them sparingly. I have not noticed them causing sneezing fits or making my nose run any more or less. Some snuffs will make my nose run more than others, but it seems more a function of a particular snuff, rather than whether it is medicated or not.
  • I started snuffing in 2012 and while I have always enjoyed menthol it definitely took some time for my nose to get acclimated to them.

    Nowadays I can use a menthol snuff for a good portion of the day and it not clog me up.
    It was probably a good 2 years before I could do a decent pinch of Red Bull and not tear up.

    Then without really realizing it I could use them without rebound, runny nose, or tears.
    I am sure some people are just too sensitive to it to use but I think most can get used to menthol.
  • It really depends.  I don't have trouble with Hedges L260 but any of the WoS menthols are difficult to use more than a few times a day.  I think it's the snuffs themselves rather than the menthol/camphor/eucalyptus ingredients.  Some snuffs clog me up after a while and some don't at all
  • Alas, I can only use menthols very rarely. Initially they would clog me up, but now they burn the inside of my nose. Not that "hurts so good" type of burn that a snuff normally gives, but a sort of chemical burn. 
  • I like the fresh feeling but my nose clogs up very hard.
  • mix 1 part of menthol snuff with 3 parts of a plain snuff and enjoy a smooth nose freeze

  • The sensitivity to menthol eventually reduced for me, though it has not entirely diminished. Having said that initially even a snuff with a very balanced menthol like 6P Kailash used to cause my nose to run a lot. Now I can take any 6P black snuff and the O&G with ease and no clogging whatsoever. Start with the ones with low menthol and try to steep up and find a happy medium like I did. 
  • Update - thanks for all your comments and advice guys. I trained my nose with a few sessions using Bee M which I really started to enjoy and my nose adjusted to it. So much so I finished off a 5g tin of Red M after that and began a tin of Blue M. Menthols may not be my favourite but I am definitely starting to appreciate them.
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