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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

WoS Tap tins

I was pleased to find a used Wilson's of Sharrow tap tin opens up easily and can be refilled with fresh snuff. They are really handy to use and don't get seized up like the metal reusable tap tin I bought.


  • I actually hate the tap tins. The snuff dry out so quickly. Bought some brunswick rape in tap tin and it was dry like dust
  • HuysmansHuysmans Member
    edited January 2021 PM
    @Hlordison Yes they are no good for moist snuff and they clog the hole as well. I use for drier Snuffs and they can be handy for short term use. I normally refill with two days worth of Snuff as I would a Snuff box.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 2021 PM
    While I would never buy any water-based snuff in a tap tin (I only got some in a trade several times), as a sworn boxcar method user I have to admit they are pretty good for refilling (even with water-based medium grind snuffs), but I prefer Poschl full-metal ones. Some of those tap tins, German or British, are hard to open. And yes, you need to use the refilled amount in a day or two.

    I use Bernard boxes for refilling with moist and coarse. Love their shape.

    Tap box is the most handy snuff container for loading the boxcar. I really recommend getting any plain Paul Gotard snuff just for the reusable tap box it comes in. It's probably the most airtight tap box and a tad smaller in size (they come filled with 7 g snuff). To refill, you pry-open the bottom lid, it can be easily done with a pen knife or nail.
  • @volunge that PG tapboxes with slide type opening with triangular shaped hole? I got one in my empty tin stash, will give it a try! Poschl pastic tapboxes are handy but indeed, the snuffo dry out quite quickly. Didnt know there are metal ones tho, the closest one I can think of is Ozona President.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 2021 PM
    @Johano, yup, those with triangular hole. They are great for refilling.

    Metal Poschl tap tins are those round Ozonas. R, C, S, O-types and Ozona English Type. They are full-metal, really neat. . Ozona English Type is no-nonsense med (oiled, despite the "English" part in the name :) ).

    In some countries full Ozona range come in plastic rectangular tins, tho.

    President comes in plastic everywhere.
  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited January 2021 PM
    I am always looking out for new style/type tins.  I think that Toque tins with the screw thread and liner that seals the snuff, in are the best.  

    I also see the value in the convenience of tap tins. So if anyone knows of any snuff container makers please let me know.

    The good thing about posting on snuff forums is that you guys really know what you like.
  • @Roderick I really like the screw tins and it's wonderful you produce such a quality product. A similar quality tap tin that could keep snuff fresher for longer than most of the ones already out there would be a great innovation. I personally prefer the round design to the box shape both for the look and practicality i.e. I find the round easier to tap out the quantity I need.
  • @Roderick

    No doubt the screw-top tins are the best for storage and home use, but they're not terribly convenient for taking along to work. Any thought to offering some refillable tap tins on your site - something I can tack onto my next order?
  • @Roderick  I want to voice my appreciation of your current tins. They are hands down the best in the business!! In fact, I wish we could order "empties" from your site.  Any consideration for that?  Regardless, thank you for respecting your customers again and again. This example being: not moving to WoS style tins that dry up the snuff within a day or two just to save a buck. I adore your snuff and your company.
  • I use empty tap box and fill it with about 1- 2 gram snuff. I didn't snuff that much. 1 - 2 gram will last me for several days. Currently I have 3 tap box, and I'm good for about a week.

    I do like Toque screw-top tin, but I take my snuff mostly from the back of my hand, so the tin is good for keeping the snuff moist but not for my everyday use.

    For those of you who have used Wilson's tap box, do the tin practical for long time use? I mean, now I used empty plastic tap boxes from Bernard and poschl, it is easy to tap to the back of my hand and easy to refill. If the Wilson's tap tin is the same, I might order some for my next snuff order.
  • @Zack Yes I find the WoS taps tins to be easy to open close again securely once it's been refilled. I have one I have been reusing over a year now without any problem.
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