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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Jasmine Scented Snuff

Hi all and hello from Canada. A quick question, as I haven't had any luck in my searches. Does WoS or any other brand still make a Jasmine Scented Snuff? I've been trying to track one down, but to no avail. I was hoping that Dholakia or six photo would carry something in this area (as I love the black/oiled snuffs), but I can't seem to find any brand that still produces a pure jasmine product. Any help/information is appreciated!


  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 2021 PM
    Six Photo Motia is probably flavoured with Arabian jasmine aka motia (Jasminum sambac). It is black snuff.

    You can easily make your own, scenting any plain snuff of your choice with jasmine essential oil. Start with 1 drop per 1 g snuff. Add another drop, if needed, or use one drop per 2 g snuff, if you find one drop per 1 g too overpowering.
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