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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Railroad Mills Maccoboy Snuff Review & Mr Snuff 10% Discount Code (Xposted w General)

Just got my hands on a bottle of some pretty rare Railroad Mills Maccoboy Snuff, thanks to a friend. Reckoned I'd post it here for y'all to enjoy if y'all were ever curious about this'n.

Also, if y'all got a full basket that's been waiting for a discount code, y'all can hit this link and use the code TheReb2020 for 10% off your order at Mr. Snuff.

Been seein folks on here and reddit and such that didn't know abt the link and code that had placed orders before they found out only to happen across it after the fact and I been feelin kinda bad about it. Gonna try and get that code and link out there more. Sorry y'all. Spread the word if the opportunity arises and I'm not around. 10% off does pretty good for cancelling out my shipping costs, so I reckon it oughta help everyone else too.

Oh, also... This is my first review and it's shot with my phone bc that's the only tool this ol boy has to do the job with soooo... Y'all be gentle. Feedback welcome.

Don't Do Anything I Would Do,


  • Thanks for the review, never even heard of this stuff. Enjoy
  • I still have a bottle that was a giveaway from Nicotine Rush back in the day. I should check it out to see how it has aged.
  • edited January 2021 PM
    Mr O, let me know how it's aged please. This is so fresh and moist that it'll cake around the top of the bottle lol... So I won't be able to know how mine ages for a good long while lol. I'm curious how it turns out. Fill me in when ya can!
  • For sure! It may or may not be easy to find:) Im sure you know how that goes, I have snuff stored in a few deposits here. Will look around for it.
  • I have a huge bottle of this snuff that I bought unopened at a second hand store. After rehydration it was okay. No rose scented tobacco, looks to be from the 1960s. I’ve never seen it new anywhere but I live in the snuff free west. Only snuff here is mc Chrystals at the local smoker friendly store.
  • Snuffy! Hey buddy, how ya been? Ain't seen ya on the subreddit lately! Do ya still have the bottle to that Maccoboy? Is it made of glass?


    Would you ever consider selling it? I've got just the spot for it if so!
  • Hoping the US Snuffs become available overseas as they have been impossible to find locally. Imagine: someone in Nashville, TN having to order Bruton snuff from Europe! Strange times.
  • @MississippiReb the RR Macc smells pretty similar to Copenhagen original. Little if any rose scent left, according to my sense of smell. I should have tried more of it when it was young!
  • Bought some of this about 12 years ago and finished the bottle off a year or two ago. Mine still had quite a lot of the rose scent left but I did need to rehydrate it a bit. Glad I tried it when it was available but not a favourite.
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