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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Sir Walter Scott

Hi all hope everyone is well
I have seen a few things online about SWS snuff being discontinued but these date back from 2017 and it seems to still be available
With it being an artisan snuff and higher than normal potential to develop mold Im skeptical about buying it if its been sat in a warehouse for 3 years

So can anyone tell me if SWS is still a going concern and therefore any snuff I buy should hopefully be relatively fresh?

Many thanks


  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 2021 PM
    I can't speak about the freshness of the current stock, but Johnny is still up to snuff and is producing.

    One thing for sure, it's always safe to order SWS high dry type snuffs. St James Parish Blend and Lundy Foot are properly alkalized and have low water activity, so there's no way they could ever develop mold. It is technically impossible.
  • @volunge that is great thanks
    Good to know he is still in business and good to know that if I enjoy them that I can get them moving forward :)
  • I know that the current batch of Havanna Toast is fresh. Only a few weeks old. Johnny posted it here. In December the other snuffs also also stocked up on and my Creme de Figue were very fresh.
  • @hloridison thanks thats great to know :)
  • Dang it. Just grabbed some Lundy Foot and passed on the Havana Toast as I thought I had read it was discontinued; I assumed it was old. Oh well. I'll grab some on my next order as I adore Havana cigars.
  • @pantsBoots the current Batch is absolutely great.
  • @Hloridison Sure, rub it in! I guess I'll just have to make another order sooner rather than later, as soon as I'm done with my current pipe tobacco-ordering frenzy.
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