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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Old Paris - Hated now loved

I've been buying a bunch of small tap tins in order to get an idea of what snuffs I like and what snuffs I don't; I'm not a newbie to tobacco in general, but a total newbie to snuff so this seems like the most economic way of trying as much as possible. 

I'd heard absolutely rave reviews of F&T's Old Paris so I was excited to give it a go, could not believe it - it wasn't exactly moist, more completely drenched, and came out in what could best be described as something between clumps and a sludge. The aroma was sort of vaguely soapy and smelled very familiar but it was something I couldn't put my finger on. 

My wife then told me that - moron that I am - I had forgotten it was in my pocket when putting my work clothes through the wash!!!! The 'vaguely familiar aroma' was in fact, our washing powder! 

Despite my idiocy, I do like to think of myself as a fair chap, so I've since bought another tin, and can honestly say that it's my favourite snuff thus far (although I'm yet to try anything from Toque, I put an order in every payday so will explore them next month!).

Has anybody else been as monumentally stupid as me, or am I in a category of my own?!


  • Hahah, that's a pretty good one.  I've certainly had snuff go through the wash, but never mistaken it for fresh!  :))
  • Hmm perhaps you hit on a new method to re-hydrate stale Snuffs...
  • Available at artisan

  • Old Paris is one of my favorites by far!
  • @Roderick Thanks, it also seems to be available from should be getting my order through the letterbox any day now (very excited to try your "quit" and "almond toast" too! )
  • Perhaps consistency is the issue. the last batch of F&T's Old Paris three years ago had a larger grain and was more moist (which was my preference) than what I purchased 30 years ago 
  • @RobEdgar

    S#!t happens  to everyone sooner or later
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