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Nose changes

Hi all.  I have been snuffing for about 2 years so I'm still pretty much a newbie.  I know that nose changes occur, scents I used to love I'm not as fond of now and vice versa but recently every snuff I've been taking has either clogged up my nose or made it run quite a bit.  I've tried different grinds, moisture levels, brands and still the same result.  Has anyone else dealt with this?  I assume it won't last forever but is there a way to not have to deal with this so much?  Any help is greatly appreciated! 


  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 2021 PM
    Could it be down to heating season and dry air inside (if you have winter season, of course)? It might explain that clogging issue. Runny nose is snuffer's norm all year round, I would say.

    Have you tried Indian white snuffs, like White Elephant or Dholakia White? I find them less clogging and less drippy.
  • I garee @volunge - same thing here. When air moisture is pretty low my nose keeps on running and running. My coworkers even think I have a cold or even coronavirus for the running nose.

    But when I take a pinch or two it stops. Moisturing the nose when air is dry is one of the reasons the guys in the coal mines used snuff in the former days. Even the mules got snuff. AFAIK.

    The moisture can also have an influence on the taste of snuff and the aromas.
  • Make sure you hydrate plenty, too! Snuffing dehydrates me something fierce so I need to be careful to drink lots of water.
  • As far as clogging, on one hand, menthols do it something fierce to me, and on the other hand, you are shoveling a powder up your nose, so clogging is just a mechanical fact.

    As far as your nose running, again, you place a powder in there, so your nasal cavity responds by producing more mucous. I am to understand that your nose undergoes some morphological changes after using snuff regularly for years on end, though, and as I'm only a few months in myself, I cannot comment on what those changes would be.
  • I used to sniff Red Bull all day but now menthols clog me up, especially strong ones. 

    It's not cold here so I don't think the weather is affecting me.  I've had better luck with white snuffs and to some degree with toasts.  It seems the dryer the better, at least for now.
  • @deez strong menthols might be the problem. I’ve only been snuffing for two weeks, but I’m a doctor, and by that I mean a scientist, and by that I mean I google and YouTube very, very well. How long have you been off the menthol? Your nose will recover from that....
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