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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Pipe tobacco UK...the price...

Hi everyone hope you are all well
I smoked a pipe before finding snuff and then gravitated more towards snuff and away from pipes and then on to snuff and cigarettes
Having pretty much stopped smoking cigarettes I picked up my pipes again and it seems to me that you can’t get a blend for much less than £16 for 50g...I’ll still keep smoking my pipes but has this gone up quite a bit over the last 2 years or am I imagining it?!

My long term worry is it will put more people off smoking pipes and we might see a reduction in offerings and ranges

The selection in my local supermarket has already dropped to Condor RR St Bruno RR Clan and Gold flakes!



  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 2021 PM
    Greetings from the Baltics! Just peeped at the online catalogue of my local store, all they carry from pipe tobaccos is Mac Baren Original Choice. 40 g pouch is 9.45 EUR... 5 years ago it was around 7 EUR, I think. I have never spotted a single pipe smoker in this small town.

    24-25 years ago 50 g pouch pipe tobacco was 5 LTL, which translates to a mere 1.50 EUR. 50 g Samson and Drum RYOs were less than 1 EUR. Now 30 g pouch RYO is from 5.65 EUR here. A pack of Camel Filters – 4 EUR.

    Funnily, RYO isn't popular in this region. Fags are smokes of choice for vast majority. I've noticed a lot of MYO stuff users as of late, expanded tobacco, tubes and tubing machines are sold even at the post office. 30 g LD MYO goes for 4.90 EUR (=50-60 ciggies), carton of 100 tubes – 0.60 EUR.
  • I am a member of a pipe smokers' forum and the general consensus is that pipe tobacco is cheap in the United States and prohibitively expensive pretty much everywhere else. Nanny state, high taxes, nowhere to smoke in public, etc
  • I feel your pain, Canada is even worse. Last time I went to the tobacconist a tin of SG was $40, I order from the US where I can get a pound of bulk for less than I pay for a 50g tin over here!
  • @n9inchnails wow thats terrible but the US price is great! I wonder which US ship to the UK...think Cup’a’Joes might
  • The tobacco manufacturers hide real terms price rises inside the annual duty rise.
  • @BillSykes I believe Smokingpipes will post to some European countries - saw a fellow from Spain mention it on another forum
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