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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

41 Photo

The only 41 Photo snuff I've used is White Elephant which I love.  It's easily my favorite white snuff.  I noticed Mr Snuff has other varieties for sale now but they don't offer much info in the description.  Is anyone familiar with these?  Which ones need to go in my cart?


  • Yellow Lilly Natural is a nice tobacco. Not so strong as we and brighter in taste. Nice natural tobacco taste.
  • If you like offerings like Super Kailash and Green Dragon from 6 Photo, then you must try Himtaj Golden. It is a little strong in the scent and menthol department (not as much as some English snuffs perhaps, but its there) but totally worth to try some IMHO. I've read about some people not liking these type of minty perfumy kind of snuffs but I do and Himtaj Golden is a really nice snuff.  
  • Have tried Lilly Mint, Lilly Scented, Himtaj, and Golden Himtaj.

    The Lilly Mint is the only one I really don't Care for, it's a bit too plain for my taste.

    The Himtaj is black in color and somewhat similar to 6 Photo Special.

    The Golden has a unique Indian snuff flavor and agree with Newbie Snuffer about the Super Kailash comparison although they have their differences and both are worth trying IMO.
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